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Thunderbolts Win/Loss Record

1, Big Bang - Rumble -Eliminated by Sugar, Loss

2, Revenge - Bolt vs Workman, Win

3, Christmas Cracker - Bolt vs Sweetsugar,Loss

4, Seasons Beatings - Bolt vs Bassey, Loss

5, Crowning the King - 8 Man Tag, Win

6, Anger Management - Bolt vs Workman, Win

7, EWF - Tagmatch, Bolt and Bassey vs Men at Work, Win

8, EWF - Rumble, eliminated by Recall and Vaughn, Loss

9, Mental Breakdown - Bolt vs Bassey for the C/W Interactive Championship, -Win

10. Ultimate Chaos - win with Frankie Sharpe vs Sweetsugar and Thomas Bassey.

11.Ultimate Chaos Rumble - Loss eliminated by Matt Vaughn

12. Surprise Surprise - Loss  Bolt vs Bassey (non title)

13.Surprise Surprise - Loss  Rumble  eliminated by Caiman

14   in sickness   Beat the workamn in handcuff match

15 april showers   counted out in a four corner'selimination match against CW MD, Workman and Vaughn

16 spring loaded lost to caiman in pyjama match

17sunday service me and sysytem beat the basseys,beretta and petherwick

18 free for all me and recall beat the workman and caiman

19 mayhem lost to caiman in cw falls count anywhere

20 danger zone   me and tyler lost to the basseys

21 Smash up  beat adam paris

22 enter the dragon  lost to tyler browne