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About us

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Anthony Wayne Thomas

Anthony has had unexplained experiences most of his life.  Approximately six years ago he and his girlfriend moved into a new house and after a few months the paranormal activity lead them to seek help from a local medium. This medium also went to the Kooler’s nightclub as Anthony had been aware of the paranormal activity in the club and now takes photographs whenever he can. Anthony states that this has now taken over his life and is a new chapter in his book of life.  

Keith Taylor

Keith attended Spiritualist Church undertaking awareness classes. His experience in the spiritual side span over fifteen years and considers himself the medium of the ‘Psychic Bouncers.’  Keith believes the nightclub has a story to tell and has been researching into the paranormal activity. He had sensed the children and worked with his own psychic talents to find out more about what happened. He helped Anthony, Lee and Neil most nights encouraging and gently guiding them to bring out their own psychic abilities.

Lee Ardell

Lee has been interested in the paranormal since young. On hearing about the paranormal activity in the nightclub he decided to help Anthony in his psychic investigations. Anthony showed Lee the paranormal photographs he had taken in the club and Lee decided to have a go himself.  In the early hours of the morning when the nightclub was closed Lee would stay behind with Anthony taking photographs. For weeks he would take paranormal photographs and learn about about mediumship with Keith. He was fascinated.

Lee has taken some spectacular paranormal orb photographs and states ‘the faces in some of them are as plain as day.’

Neil Lewis 

Neil had been with Anthony and the other doormen every night in the club taking paranormal photographs and studying the place. On the night of the psychic investigation Neil couldn’t make it as he been working but will be there hopefully for the next one.

Neil states, ‘I know we are close to seeing something, it’s just a matter of time.’