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My personal highlights

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As far back as I can remember I have been obsessed with wrestling and now I  have the chance to follow my dream below is a list of my career highlights so far.
1. Debuting at the Big Bang and taking big Dr Pain out in the rumble with a suicidal dive.
2. My first proper match at revenge lasting 20 mins before being eliminated by the big Ryanices.
3. My first singles debut and win against the Workman at Christmas Cracker.  
4. Beating Tommy Dean in the opener in my home town of Merthyr in front of 350 Fans.
5. Spearing Hype at crowning the king and power slaming Tommy Dean into a wall.
6. Fighting Hype in Merthyr for over 15 minutes and taking the fight around the building.
7. My English debut for  RSW, appearing as Maddog Maxxs bodyguard and losing to Recall and then appearing in the main event with Maddog helping him to gain a win against Cage.
8. Teaming with Tommy Dean in my first tag team match debuting for EWF.
9 My rematch against Recall in RSW-Ashchurch.
10 The Basseys debut in Merthyr with new manager Mr P.
11 Spearing Miss Trix and pinning Bolt in a non title match at Surprise Surprise.
12 My match with Tyler in the studio bar where he was flying around like Rob Van Damn
13 My first wil in RSW pinning vaughan
14 Facing my trainer Caiman and taking a CDD
16 Facing Maddog at the studio bar
17 The Bassey Brothers first win in CW after having a dance off in the ring with tyler and recall
18 The Bassey Brothers first win CW
19 winning my first rumble at free for all
20 Becoming the new Interactive champion
21 My first defense of the title in a dog collar match against Frankie Sharp.
22 beating TWC's Dragon Aisu in Merthyr
23 beating the Glory Boy's to become the new HCW tag Team Champion's

Bassey and Recall in action.