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Bassey quit's SWCW----comment's on Shitarse 50

4th August

Right here goes with a new commentrey,

Been a pretty quiet few month’s wrestling wise but I had to get a few thing’s off my chest.

Finally got released from bail on my GBH charges, a lot lifted off my shoulder’s, like I said previous being locked up for 17 hour’s for something I didn’t start aint very nice, it’s nice to see there is justice out there.

Back to wrestling, had a decent match in Aberfan, I was partnered with jonny the body and Elpsycho against t bone,death row and Gilligan Gordon, with Elpsycho picking up the pin on Gordon, after the match we got jumped bringing out cwmd tommy dean, dean then banned them from cw’s next show 2 days later in Merthyr.

Had a good little match with my brother Sweet Sugar 2 day’s later, a no dq match for my title, this brought a side out of Sugar I hadn’t seen before, ended up pinning him after a rolling samoan. Also to finish the show there was a fifteen man rumble, a pretty crazy match featuring a dance off, I came in near the end and managed to pull of the win.

A few week’s later I was up against matt Vaughn in fochrew in a street fight, face vs. face in our first outing in the venue, a pretty decent match which the crowd went with him, managed to pull a win off after hitting him with a spear, it was quite strange to see Bassey getting some bo’s in a CW ring.

Has for injury’s these past few month’s I wont start to bore you.

Anyway which bring’s me up to this shit arse top 50 thing ring announcer Matt Sommerton’s knocked up on the uk fan forum. I get’s an email from a mate of mine giving me the link and there I am going in at number 16.

Has for crazy Matt Sommerton, come on lets be fair, has anyone tried talking to the twitching, stuttering ball of mess haha the future broad moor candidate gets his kicks by going on forums and slagging shows and wrestler’s off, why I don’t know, anyway as a ring announcer, iv always had the utmost respect for the bloke, iv shoke his hand and even laughed in his company a few times, even when he couldn’t get the name’s of wrester’s out at show’s id still stick up for him, the geek lookalike who was probably bullied at school tries his best, even once he came to get payed at a show and the promoter fucked him off with a couple of pound’s worth of McDonald’s voucher’s, he was over the moon he had enough for a big mac meal, what sommerton don’t realise was I said to that promoter give him another cheese burger voucher, yes matt that was me, anyway getting round to his write up and my number 16 entry into the ukff shit arse fifty, when I was younger a shit arse would be someone who wouldn’t fight, who was scared to fight, would hide from a fight, in other word’s yourself Sommerton.

Iv been told by various people not to bite to this complete load of nonsense but I thought id stick my ten pence worth in.

Iv always been taught by my boxing trainers and wrestling trainers that it takes a lot of balls to get into a ring however bad the person may be and you have to respect them for it.

In this backstabbing game of wrestling iv tried to always keep my comments to myself even when iv seen other wrestlers slagging each other off.

But to go on a forum and make a thread then in my opinion that makes someone a complete, well I wont say the next word.

Why im even defending myself against this arsehole I do not know but has for the thumb tac’s bump, yes I did take a back bump a pretty good one for myself if I don’t mind saying so onto the thumb tacs, why you ask? Has you stated id already been slammed onto them once, id got up from them and if youd open your ears you may have heard Gordon’s promo granting me a title shot at the next show and that it would now be a 10,000 thumb tac match, now I could have just got out of the ring, but trying to be different and pinching something id seen years ago when ric flair starts bumping on the floor for no reason, I gets all exicted and takes the bump, remember death row is still unbeaten at this stage and im now trying to show the crowd a psychotic side, if I remember right the crowd popped for it and a lot of them come back for the match so I done my job well.

Ok, this may have confused a few people but I think nearly everyone got the drift.

Has for the actual match a few week’s later I take it you wasn’t there has you were sitting in mcdonalds has you didn’t have the entrée fee of a ticket.

Anyway your entitled to your opinion that im a terrible proffesional wrester, but then you go on in your post about how your taking your life in your hands posting what other people say about my in-ring exploits. Who are these people he speak’s for?

Id really like to know, yes I agree I am stiff, that’s the way iv been taught, it’s not table tennis, that’s the way iv been trained, and that’s the way I like to get hit.

Who are these people with the nightmarish tales? Don’t get me wrong somerton’s not that twisted to come on here and make that line up, there must be wrestler’s out there who iv upset in match’s, who I don’t know, propably never will has they don’t have a pair of ball’s to speak out, but in all honesty every single match in over 125 matches in the past 3 year’s I don’t think iv ever hurt anyone, hardly forgot a spot and always been a gentleman to them. Iv worked for over 6 promotions and have always got on well with everyone.

Has for the training side of it, yes I was helping with training in Merthyr, CW trainer Caiman asked me to help out has I was a bit older and he couldn’t be there every week, don’t get me wrong im no bret hart, far fucking from it but I could take a good class and people would leave happy at the end of the session, and now im being slagged off for being unsafe? Where the fuck is this all coming from?

Me and caiman go out of our way to get the first ring trained wrestling school in wales bringing in special seminars with the likes of eugene, Jason cross, scotty to hotty, matt Vaughn,mike bird,chris petherwick ect and now im being slagged.

Anyway just to set the record straight I am no longer a part of CW’s training school, due to venue problem’s in Merthyr training has now been moved to Cardiff and due to work commitment’s im unable to attend. Caiman has also brought in Jason Cross has the official head trainer for CW, Jason was brought in for a seminar in Merthyr to rave review’s, this is good new’s for CW and all trainees and wrestler’s training under him.

Anyway back to the backstabbing, I could write a book on all the backstabbing that goes on, I could shock a few people like I have been shocked with this one person.

When people are getting slagged off I just give a little nod and sink it all in, im not going to start naming names has that would be childish and petty, if they get their kicks from it then let them all carry on, with the likes of messenger and other various live talks word does get back to you, which bring’s me to the reason I have now quit SWCW.

Someone I had the utmost respect for SWCW Promoter and referee Chris Robert’s, after every match I ask robert’s his opinion, in a way I looked up to the guy, always got on great with him or so I thought, perhaps it his me has the same happened earlier in the year when Jonny the body shit on me as well, back to Roberts, iv bent over backward’s to keep three of his shows on in the past and then I go and find out he’s laughing behind my back all the time, and then to finish it all he’s voting for me in this shit arse top fifty and then even starting the thread for all to see on the forum’s, now I don’t know if it’s me but that’s one twisted fucker in my book, obviously there’s more to it, and his reply to me, ‘he’s a wanker and he dosnt know why he done it’ come on Chris, you don’t just get up one day and think fucking hell basseys crap, ill vote for him today, I know there’s more to this I just wish youd grow a pair of ball’s and tell me the truth, the thing is im not really angry with this, it’s more gutting than anything, anyway life goes on, ill be slagged off for being unprofessional for this but I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore. People need to grow up and get on with their life instead of trying to bring other’s life’s down.

I got into this sport because iv always been fanatical about it, I don’t claim to be good, I don’t aim to be a wwe wrester, I don’t even aim to be a top british wrester, im realistic, I go out, enjoy my matches, make the crowd happy and then go home.

Ill be honest this week iv contemplated retiring due to Roberts’s and Sommerton’s comment’s, if there’s any truth in the so called rumour’s about me being unsafe and the nightmarish tales then im outta here, simple has. If I have hurt anyone in the past then I can only apologise, id like to thank all the real friend’s who have texted me saying to ignore all the shit and to keep my chin up, they who know who they are.

Anyway on a positive note I return to the ring at Treharris boy’s club on August 27th to defend my WWO Heavyweight title, plus im also in a tag team match with my partner death row against caiman and Mad Dog Max,… this match, it’s going to be nut’s.

Also it’s under 6 week’s to the BIG BANG 4, don’t know who im facing yet but I promise your going to see a new Bassey.

Until next time, if there is one


What a mad old week for the bass man, 2 titles in the last 5 days;

Anyway its been a couple of months since iv blogged so I hope you all enjoy.

Crowning the king arrived at aberfan and I was in the first semi final against nick knight, door’s were opened and my apponent still hadn’t turned up, come bell time 30mins later and he’s arrived and we are on first, id heard a lot about nick and that he had been around for a long time.

We had a cracking match and I managed to hit him with a spear which he kicked out of, I then hit him with a massive choke slam to get the three count.

I was now just one match away of being this years king and number one contender for the CW title.

I was now facing Justin Johnson in the final, having the size advantage over Johnson I threw him about everywhere, come near the end of match and death row comes and stick’s his nose in yet again, all of a sudden Justin low blowed me and rolled me up for the three count with his feet on the ropes.

Id blown it yet again by letting death row get to me.

So now that was two crowning the king’s id lost to in the final with the other being last year’s against Kade Callous, who know’s third time lucky next year.

Just thought id give chris recall a quick mention, havnt seen him in a while, we used to have regular chats on messenger ultill the late hours of the morning.

Heard he may be out for quite a while with his knee problems, knowing his dedication for the sport this must be killing him, the cw locker room isn’t the same without him in my opinion, hurry up back mate.

With recall being out of the picture I had the chance to be the special surprise tag team partner with caiman against scouse and ham in Merthyr. Had a wicked little match which the crowd enjoyed, we pulled off the win but scouse ended up pinching the belt’s yet again.

A few week’s later and caiman was in a rematch with scouse and ham in Canton, yet again he asked me to be his partner. Another wicked canton crowd. Scouse and Ham just seem to get better every show, but on this night they couldn’t come up with the good’s, near the end we layed them both out and I rolling samoaned caiman onto them to the crowd’s delight, he then grabbed me and choke slammed me onto them for the three count.

A bit later in the show and death row had just beaten referee ash cox for the interactive title, not happy with just beating him death rows manager gordan then pulls out a bag of thumbtacs and death row goes to put ash through them, I run’s in and spears t bone out of the ring, death row then drops ash and then hit’s me from behind and put’s me through the tac’s twice, fuck me did they hurt, my whole arse went numb, this wasn’t the first time death row had put me through tacs, 15 month’s earlier in Merthyr id been facing tommy dean in a 1000 thumb tac match and death row had cost me the loss then, that time they hadn’t hurt so much but fuck me this time they did, with adrenaline running I shot straight up to the crowd’s delight, I was screaming a challenge to death row and Gilligan gordan accepted but only if it was a 10 000 thumb tac match, I didn’t care what match it was, I had my title shot, all of a sudden adrenaling running again the psycho in me come out, iv started running the ropes, jumped up into the air and took a big back drop onto the pin’s on my own, the crowd looked on shocked but continued to shout Bassey.

Back in my own life out of wrestling thing’s continued to be mad.

Last time I blogged I mentioned I was being taken on for two gbh’s for the incident with the baseball bat, anyway thing’s were chucked out on lack of evidense. A lot off my mind and started getting my head back together, but within a few week’s iv been locked up yet again, 17 fucking hour’s in a Merthyr cell.

I wont go into much detail has thing’s are still in motion, anyway to cut it short this local rugby coach, a known bully brought the local rugby youth team to the club, they played fucking hell, on asking them to leave the prick head butted me in the face showing off in front of them, to cut it short he left in an ambulance, these youth team walk away and me and my mate get locked up, anyway im back on 17th may.

Popped up to cinder ford for atom’s promotion, had a nice little Sunday afternoon match with Caiman, caiman pinned me at the end after hitting his cdd.

Chris Roberts’s show came round , an almost sold out show which nearly didn’t come off, the show started about 9. Tommy Dean anounced his self has my new manager, I then beat aron Blanchard in second’s, this was the debut of the new nastier man they call bassey, finished Blanchard with the rolling samoan. Dean then hit a promo untill caiman came out, caiman then nailed Dean untill I threw Caiman off and hit him with a monstrous spear. We then anounced we had signed a contract to wrestle Caiman at Roberts’s next show, that show is now under a month away, I promise you you don’t want to miss this one.

Canton came round again and a start of 5 mad days for the bassman.

Me and death row ended up closing the first half,tried my new trousers out for the first time,a big thanks to linda for her time in making them. I managed to find the pins after hed knocked me down a few times, the crowd were right up for it, also found a table under the ring which was then set up.

I got the pins in the ring and I could see death row getting up on this apron, fuck it I though ill spear the fucker through the table, I dived through the second rope and hit the spear and he went through the table,fuck knows where I ended up but I was on top of him, smashed my hand somewhere and I rmemember the ref asking was I ok, adrenaline had kicked in and I then got in the rung and scattered the pins.

Went for a rolling samoan, death row got out and gave me a big kick knocking me onto the pins, fuck me were they stinging, took a few more bumps before I finally got death row down as well, went for a big elbow off the top and missed,21 stone coming down straight onto the pins, deathrow then got me onto my stomach and stood on me, I could feel a few pins going into my face and I couldn’t breathe through him standing on me, I then got chokes lamed but kicked out, Gilligan then hit death row with the belt after I moved, I then speared gilligan, I could hear him yelping as I got death row up for the rolling samoan, I looked for the most pins and landed it for the three count, id finally had stopped death rows unbeaten run, I rolled straight out of there has death row was still going mad, I wasn’t hanging about id had what id come for and became the first 3 time cw interactive champion.

Hero was waiting outside and I cut my very first interview for the camera, also spoke too Jonny James who told me how impressed hed been with the match, it was then jonny said he needed to chat with me has he had a proposition. I then agreed id ring him the next day.

Grabbed my gear as I was late for work, run around the building where there were a few fans outside just looking at me thinking what the fucks he up to.

A few nights later and it was the WWO show to crown the first Welsh Heavyweight champion.

A wicked little crowd of about 100 filled treharis boys club.

First round I had a good little match with death row yet again, hit him with a spear and then finished him with a rolling samoan. Deathrow’s manager jonathen james then hit me from behind, I then put him into a running power slam before he escaped and got out of it and went to the back.

The crowd were red hot and the bassey chants were pretty amazing for a small crowd. Then went out on the interval and signed loads of bassey photos for the first time.

The final came and I was up against mad dog max, id wrestled the dog about 8 times in the past and never won, id studied his carrear for a long time and always looked up to him.

Ill be the first to tell you he’s forgotten more than ill ever learn.

Had a good match which the crowd loved , the crowd played hell with mad dog, near the end mad dog hit me with the lariat, I got out and hit the running power slam and he kicked out, by now death row and jonny james had come out, death row then pulled mad dogs leg has he went for another lariat, I then speared mad dog for the three count and the crowd went nut’s. me and death row then beat on mad dog and jonny james raised out hand’s. the crowds face were a picture, they were gutted, in jonny’s proposition he’d promised me titles and boy did he deliver, caiman finally mad the save a tag team match between him and mad dog vs. me and death row was lined up for aug 27th. that’s going to be one hell of a match.

A big well done to big rod for his outstanding photos, the blokes like a profesional, the photos he comes up with are amazing and he dosnt get in the way, that one he caught of me power slaming mad dog in mid air is class, keep up the good work mate.

So has of today im a double champion again in two promotions, if you told me this a few months ago id never have believed it, as I was on bail for that incident. no show now untill aberfan so iv got a few week’s to just chill out a bit.

Untill next time, thanks for reading.

7th february

Updated added commentary

I don’t usually blog for a few month’s but I need to get this of my chest, as most of you know now I have quit HCW. Why u ask? Well here it goes.

2 week’s ago I turned the internet on and there’s a thread on an hCW show coming up in 5 days time, strange I thought, jonny the body the promoter hadn’t been in touch, anyway I have a look at it and the full cards on there, my brain start’s working overtime, he must have asked me I thought and I couldn’t make it or something, anyway I then ring’s cw wrester caiman has I always travel with him.

Is there a show sat I asked,yeah he replies body asked for me and three wrestler’s,now for the past year body would always’s text me to book me, caiman for some reason presumed I was working and asked three new trainees instead. I then texted the body asking had I done something wrong.

Anyway body replied and said all was ok and that me and sugar would be defending our tag belt’s on tv tapings ect in a few month’s time.

Like I said in my new blog id never argued with jonny in my life, the more I think about it now after watching his shoot, u upset him and ur fucked, anyway the dvd came out and I texted him a few times but all was sweet.

Perhaps it’s just me being paranoid and that he genuinely wanted three new trainees, who know’s?

I was just gutted id been there since day one when it was called rsw, where id get people ringing me and saying that body was tucking people up and keeping the money instead of giving it to charity on his show’s. I was still there when his own mates stopped doing his show’s for some reason, id be there when people would pull out to go to different promotion’s.

The only other thing I could think of his I hadn’t got a penny for petrol for the built well’s show so I texted jonny asking had it been a freebie, I didn’t really give a fuck about the money just if everyone else had been payed then why not us as well. It’s always been about morals with me.

As far as that was concerned I had a text saying that he’d sort us out when he see us.

Anyway the show come around and I was gutted that I hadn’t been used, anyway although gutted life goes on I thought, the day before the show I had been in conversation with tommy dean and the topic had came up, I explaned to dean that caiman was now apparently the booker for wales for hcw, now anyone who know’s what dean’s like will imagine the rest, dean’s ranting and raving about how he hasn’t been booked even though he’s sidelined with an injury. The night of the show comes and dean’s been bouncing in a pub in my town, he then comes over the club where im working and he gets hammered, by 2.00 clock he’s going off about HCW again, he then start’s telling me how he’d texted caiman about it, at no time did he mention he’d texted Body. Anyway I give him a lift home and he’s cutting promos in my car ect.

On Monday I then pick’s my misses up and she say’s have you seen body’s thread about some wrester texting him or ringing him at 3 0 clock, now that wasnt hard to work out, went on the net and it was gone,

I said to the misses I bet il get dragged into this has body nows I bother with dean, ring body she says and explain its fuck all to do with you, nah ill doubt he’ll believe me I said.

Anyway I ring’s dean and asks him whats he said, he then starts saying. Well he dropped me and you bass’ ,why the fuck u contacting someone that time of night for? and he says I was hammered, he then tells me he cant remember what was said.

Anyway I spoke to caiman tonight and he said hed spoken to body and body hadn’t said a word about me.

I then goes home and for some reason I put the hcw website on

All of a sudden bassey’s disappeared from number 5 in the ranking’s strange I thought, all of a sudden me and sugar are gone from the roster photo’s, next thing I know The HCW british tag team titles have been made defunct, now there’s not many thing’s that pisses me off but this takes it.

No phone call, champs for over a year and a half, titles due to be defended and our titles have been binned.

In my opinion fucking shit on, anyway I textes body and asks him is this anything to do with dean?

He replies yes, dean was talking on my your behalf in a text, body then asks me, did you not know? Of course I didn’t fucking know, since when his dean my spokesperson, if I have a problem I would have texted u myself( I don’t ring has I loose it easy on the phone) didn’t u think of calling me first, ok has of now I still dont know what dean said to you.

Body then send’s me a text that he dont want issues has it had happened a few times when id been droped, so I texted him back and told him id make it easier for him.

So has off now iv quit HCW, it’s my brother who I also feel sorry for,I just come off the phone to him and he’s in total shock.

I don’t know which way body look’s at belts , but me and sugar respected them titles, only in the last few week’s iv added a new photo of us to my website.

Anyway it been a bad ending to a good film in my opinion, but life goes on………untill next time……

6th February
A good few month’s since my last blogg so ill shoot straight into it. Been a mad few months yet again.
Going into the WWO show I was bad and I have an handicap match against up and comer’s Scouse and Ham, they tried rushing at me as soon as they hit the ring, I hit them with a double spear followed by a rolling samoan for the pair of them, I then powerslamed the other onto the other for a win in under a minute. Went to the back has if id been in an iron man match, absolutely fucked but still happy I hadn’t pulled out of the show.

Monday night came for a SWCW show in Ebbw Vale. Me and my partner Jonny the body were in a tag team hardcore match against Saint and Sinner, a wicked little match in which nearly every man was bleeding, I got opened up when both men run the steel stairs into my head. Me and the body pulled off the win in front of a nice little crowd, a must see on DVD and very well produced in my opinion.

Big Bang 3 finally arrived and it was time to get my hand’s on my brother Sweet Sugar in the ring.

I went at him like a lunatic straight from the outside, a good hard hitting match, Sugar even managed to hit me with one of my moves the spear early on, the crowd were well into the match right from the start, at one stage I thought id debut my 20 stone elbow drop off the top rope, the crowd went nut’s, I must have been to slow going up for it has sugar moved just in time, he then gave me a low blow whilst the ref wasn’t looking and then hit me with his finnisher, still upset about the lowblow I then speared the fucker out of the ring.

CW official’s then granted me a rematch to take place in aberfan a month later, but the sweet one then pulled out.

Around this time I had a bit of trouble in my own life, went to the doctors again with my chest and they sent me for more xray’s incase my pnemonia had come back.

Has most of you know I was then involved in an incident in the nightclub, anyway to cut it short, the club had closed, 2 boys had snekt upstairs to rob the club or something, iv taken a baseball bat up there for safety, chased after them, one’s then butted me and it’s all gone tit’s up,me and another two doormen manage to overpower them and I run and phone the police. After a while the police leave with them and leave them go, a week later im pulled in for 2 GBH’s with intent on both of these prick’s.

A very serious offense if found guilty, itsn now a few months later and we are still receiving death threats and our cars have been smashed in, anyway I return to the police station this Sunday to see what the next move is.

Back to Aberfan, Matt Mensa stood in for the sweet one and we had an hard fought contest in which I pulled out the win in about ten minutes.

Next show up was the children in need show in cwmamon. It was a survivor series like show in which I joined the Tie Die Mafia for the night. Bassey even wearing a Tie Die T Shirt for the night.

Me, Caiman and Recall beat Scouse,Ham and Petherwick in the first round in front of a good little crowd.

Me and Caiman goe eliminated in the next match but Recall went onto beat Strevie B,Everest,lam winning us the match. Me and Caiman then went back to the ring and celebrated.

It was a bit of fun joining the mafia for the night but I didn’t think it was me, I don’t have the charissma like Recall and Caiman to pull it off even though it was quite enjoyable.

The following week it was back to the Studio bar in Merthyr, The CWMD Sugar tell’s me he cant wrestle has he’sill, the fucker then blindsides me from behind, I pull back and line a spear up when all of a sudden Deathrow run’s in, to cut it short we smashed the fuck out of each other all round the studio bar, the crowd went nut’s for it and was passing me stuff to hit Deathrow with. We both ended up getting separated in the back room.

Next up SWCW in Rhymney, my so called oponent dosnt turn up so im then put in to be some sort of enforcer in the Caiman vs. Saint match. Anyway to cut it short(DVD out soon) as Caiman’s about to win I run in and smash the fuck out of him with a rolling samoan, the Saint then pinned him as I left my fans in Rhymney in total shock, Why did you do this I hear you ask? Find out when SWCW return’s to Rhymney on April 3rd in what promises to be one of the best card’s of the year. All will be revealed.

Also Bassey’s psychic invetigators site is up and running at

Recently purchased the jonny the body shoot interview, a must buy to any serious wrestling fan.

Id talked to jonny in the past about interviewing him for cw the movie and he said then hed love to do a shoot has he had so much to say. I then purchases the dvd ,on reading the back I notice plus tales of Thomas bassey. So I sits myself down with some popcorn and im riveted to the seat, knowing jonny for a few years I knew no one was safe haha anyway the end comes to a word association game and my name pops up.

I wont say everything jonny says has ill leave you all buy the dvd to find out but to cut it short he mentions i pissed him off. Here’s me waiting for a nice little story and all of a sudden iv pissed him off.

Now id never had an argument with jonny in my life, always got on great, put him up in my house numerous times, tagged with him in hardcore matches, never left him down on a show even when people were telling me storys about him, ect.

Anyway he explain’s in the shoot what had happened but id just thought id clear a few thing’s up.

Id wrestled for jonny’s hcw since it started up again,never missed a show, id travel on my own, bring various wrestler’s up with me, not once did I ever charge the wrestler’s for petrol money. Id loose a night’s wages to be on these show’s. it was never about the money to me, I was having the chance to wrestle and gain experience and I have jonny to thank for this. Jonny put his faith in me and my brother steven and we have been tag team champion’s for a year and a half now.

Anyway ill get to the point, I turn’s on the internet one day and there was something about a super show or something in scarborough. The full card’s for the shows there and it’s all people who had never wrestled in hcw. In all honesty the little kid came out in me and I left a comment saying so where’s the CW boys or something like that. Il be honest I wasn’t happy. Perhaps it was unprofessional to leave a comment on there but id never thought it would get to someone, id seen jonny loads of times after it and nothing was said,so when it show’s upon a dvd a few month’s later it came has a bit of a surprise.

Anyway all’s sorted now, could have been worse my name could have been dann read or tracy smoth’s hah

Anyway a few week’s after the dvd was filmed me and my brother put our differences aside for the night and were booked for a show in built wells defending our HCW Tag Titles. We had a bastard horrible journey with the weather. Got to the venue and it was in like an arts centre, with a balcony, it reminded me of the venue the very first Monday night raw was filmed at, proper pa and lighting.

Door’s open and there must have been over 200 people in there jamming it to the rafters. Had a wicked tag match with these two wrestler’s who were playing american’s. we played up on the old usa vs. wales thing and the crowd went nuts, a couple of fucking pricks in the front row just being theirselves kept playing fuck with us,sugar kept saying to me don’t bite bass, ignore them, pulled of the win with a double spear. The crowd went nuts, I thought then to myself ill walk past these fucker’s to see what they will do,I wanted to smash them up but I thought it would finish the show, they were still being cocky,I grabs round the one and tries kissing him,they fucking shit theirselves,I then kissed another on the head. I know this hurt them being amiliated, more than any punch. Me and sugar then left the venue early has I had to shoot back to work, had a nice little bassey chant off a load of kids has we left, things like this make it all worth it.

Next up Deathrow IN WWO. Another flat out smash up untill we both ended up being counted out. Returned in the rumble and run straight at the big fucker again, both of us brawled to the back again.

Next up were the CW awards’, a wicked night and nearly everyone from the CW roster turned up.

Was runner up in tag team of the year and feud of the year, had a good drink and even ended up singing candle in the wind by Elton john with Spam the security man.

A week later and it’s CW’s last show of the year in the Studio Bar. Iv now got Sweet Suagr in a lumberjack match. Nice little hard hitting match with a lot of wrestler’s outside, Deathrow decides to stick his nose in again but his beaten to the back by my team member’s, I finally hit Sugar with a spear to finally get the win on him. Came out at the end for our legendary piss up and dance. I called all the kid’s into the ring for a dance at then end and it was a nice moment to finish the year off on.

With all the Christmas drinking and eating I balloned up the heaviest weight id been in my life 21 stone, I had 2 week’s to Anger Management to sort it out, managed to pull a stone off going into my match with T bone. The crowd were amazing, there must have been over 300 there and wound right up.

Turned up on the night and looked at the card, im on before the last man standing match, thank fuck for that I thought, you had them 2 crazy fuckers Vaughn and Johnson going for it, there was only one match which could have topped them that night and that was mad dog and Eugene.

Anyway had a wicked hard hitting match against T bone, went to lift him up for the samoan and failed,in front of this fantastic crowd id failed,I don’t know if he was so oily or if I hadn’t underestimated how heavy he was, anyway I gritted my teeth in temper and threw the fucker up, the crowd’s noise were amazing, at one stage they remembered the missed top rope move from last time on sugar, they started chanting it so I gave it to them, all 20 stone coming down on t bone,next thing I know lights are off and Deathrows in the ring, iv been low blowed and then beat on by Gilligan gorden, t bone and Deathrow, I crawled out in agony still pulling off the win by Disqualification, went to the back grabed my gear and jumped in my car and drove back to work. Managed to watch the whole show on video the next day and fair play to everyone, they raised their games.

I noticed on the forum there’s talk’s about a Best of Bassey DVD. Iv never been one for selling merchandise ect who wants a photo of my ugly mug haha, although I did give 50 photos out for nothing on one show, but in all honesty I think a DVD could be very good. Like iv said in the past iv done every single CW show since day one, some of the matches that I have are now all forgotten, don’t get me wrong I have nearly every single CW show on video, but it would be good to get a compilation put together. If the CW Heavyweight straps not involved then people seem to forget about them.

People forget about the dog collar matches, the rope matches,1000 thumb tac matches, and even some wrestling matches haha anyway whoever brought it up then a big thank you to you, ill be having a word with CW officials over the next few day’s and we’ll see what happen’s then, I think it should be all about CW though, although iv had some wicked matches in SWCW,WWO,HCW ect most of these are out on DVD already. Anyway anyone interested in the task please feel free to contact me.

Iv got to mention tommy dean’s commentary as well, I used to be the main man for controversy in blog’s although I think dean’s taken it this month, the thing with dean is it isn’t just in wrestling, he’s like this in his security job and also on the door’s. Iv tried having talk’s with him and calming him down but I think he suffer’s from paranoia. I honestly think this loose cannon image suits him, but there’s ways of wording thing’s without everybody being a cunt. He just builds all this shit up in side himself and then explodes.

But that’s his opinion on thing’s, and that’s him,

Anyway that’s about it, planning im not going to jail this could be the year of the Bassman. Iv got the band Foreign Legion recording my new entrance music called One Man Riot, some new gear on the way, iv started training again, droped a stone for Anger Management in 2 week’s.

Training also seem’s to be picking up in the studio bar as well, about time people took advantage of the ring, it was nice to see so many there for the Eugene seminar, a wicked seminar although it would have been nice to have done something in the ring with him.

I now have one goal in mind, the CW Heavyweight title and the road to that titles begin’s at Crowning the King at the end of the month. Anyway untill next time all the best and thanks for reading.




















iv just noticed that's its nearly 5 month's since my last commentry, 5 fucking month's, aint time flying? my 8 month old daughter will be in school before i know it, has for abi she has the makings of any future wrestlershe's like a little tazmanian devil who wont give up, shes pulling moves off that 5 year old kid should be thinking about.

i honestly dont know where to start on this commentry has its been so long but here it goes.

congratulations goes out to jonny the boddy and alan ravenhill and their new wifes, sorry i couldnt get to the weddings, aqward day for me for baby sitters and work ect, anyway all the best for the future to both couples.

also nice to see ringo at a few of the show's,that boy has so much courage, sorry i dont keep in touch mate, heard he couldnt make one because he didnt have a lift, you have my number mate im only 15mins away, we are all here to help out.

right back to wrestling, had a show over the rhonnda for ppw the following week, it was a ring hire job as well, all the way over the wheel was making noises.

wrestled nick beretta infront of about 180 screaming kid's, wicked atmosphere and nearly picked up a win, he sneaked the win at tyhe end. packed the ring up and on the way homethe wheel was getting worst when all of a sudden the wheel nuts snapped and i went straight into a ditch, quite a frightening expereince well worth it to here the big hard wrestler traveling with me screaming like a little girl. after a few wrestlers trying to help i ended up having to call the police, after about 3 hour's of messing about i finally got the van towed to llantrisant for 350 quid, so now the vans locked up and i have a show 2 days later,didnt want to let anyone down so i ended up borrowing another van and going down and offloading the ring. starts setting the ring up in nelson 2 days later when i notice iv left all the nuts and tools to the ring in llantrisant pound which is locked up on weekends, run round for 2 hours untill we finally got all the tools for the show.had the van fixed in llantrisant on the monday for another 150, so all in all 5000 fucking quid, buty on the bright side things could have been worse.

nice little crowd in the nelson show, me and body had a decent tag match with saint and sinner,they pickked up the win but i managed to spear both men at the end of the show, the crowd seemed to like it as well, packed the ring up after the show, turn's the key and the van i borrowed wouldnt start, i honestly felt like crying, ring crew managed to push it a bit and i finally bumped it.

next show i was up against new trainees lyndon ham and wayne john in the studio bar for cw, it was an hardcore match and i managed to put both men throught tables before finishing them with a double chokeslam.

a couple of nights later me and my brother sugar popped down to porthcawl for a ppw show and pulled of a nice win against the workman and lyndon ham

a few weeks later it was off to aberfan social club and me and simmonz were defending our tag belt's against wayne and john, not a bad little match with me and simmonz retaining. later on in the night i was told i also had to defend my interactive title against jonny james as well. the match went ahaead and i smashed jonny round the hall, he came back well but i managed to pin him for the three count. as im celebrating the CWMD sweet sugar ask's the crowd would they like to see jonny beaten again, the crowd erupt, has im lining a spear up sugar hit's me from behind dropping me, he then hits me with three ddt's, jonny get's the pin and becomes new interactive champion. both men beat on me untill caiman and simmonz make the save.

a week or two later im up against one of my toughest fight's to date against deathrow.a right smash up from the bell, i managed to hit him with three spear's, a rolling samoan and he stills get up, as im about to try and finish him with a running powerslam sugar jump's up on the apron, i drops deathrow to his feet, i go at sugar and he jumps off apron, deathrow then grabs me and finishes me with a big splash,sugar the slaps me after the match and i chase him out of the building.

out of the ring thing's were going nut's like normal, i had car's ploughing into me, close shave that one, police aresting me on the door's, and my house being haunted.i wont gointo detail on the paranormal side of thing's has everyone has their opinion, but just to let you all know im writing a book on it which i promise will be a best seller. all so got hooked on taking photos of the paranormal, i know have over 1500 photo's of different stuff, as well has video footage no one can explain but like i said i wont bore you all.

popped over to rumney for an hardcore tag team brawl, me and body had a good old scrap with saint and sinner using whatever was on hand, after picking up the win we managed to chuck them in a back of a van and take them out of rumney, i recomend this dvd to anyone, check robert's commentry out on it as well, awesome.

next stop on the 3 day tour was cwmamon near aberdare, turned up early to set ring up to be told it's upstairs, thats right up fucking stairs, me and caiman had a good little tag match with the workman and sweet sugar, they pulled off a wein yet again, get the ring out and ended up 2 hours lare for work. as im walking throught the door for work i walk straight into a big fight, wicked timeing, i wouldnt have lived it down otherwise.

next day and its the free show in the merthyr town centre.

we get the ring up and its pissing down, goes in for the first match against topsy and turvey in front of 20 people in pouring rain, a first ithought to myself.

next show picked up with about 80 watching and i pulled a win off against scouse, hit him with a rolling samoan and thought id killed him.took a few wrestewrs quite a while after the match to carry him back.

lost to stevie b on the next show at studio bar before piulling off a win in an 8 man tag team war agaist sugar,jonny,stevie b and benjamin scott.

back to aberfan again in another tag title defense, after a good little match me and simmonz lost the belts to sweet sugar and stevie b, simmonz blamed me for the loss before we shook hand's, later in the show me and simmonz made the save after sweet sugar was beating down referee ash, simmonz shout's spear him bass, sugar drops to his knees asking for forgivness when all of a sudden simmonz beats me from behind, for the second time in month's im left a beaten man in aberfan, i promise you this it wont happen a third time has cw return's to aberfan in november, and simmonz, this aint over yet mate.

next up was an outdoor show in ystrad mynach, im there to put the ring up and no ring crew turn up,my heads starts to go and a few wresters turn up to help out, pulled off a nice win against jonny james, he got himself counted out to retain his title,in the second show me and chris recall lostt against sugar and stevie b, me and sugar brawled all the way to the back and through the building untill we were pulled apart, in the final part of the show and my 100th match in my careear i pull off a nice win and eight man elimination match, it came down to me against sugar and jonny james, i speared sugar for the three count before finishing jonny off, i then grabbed jonny's interactive title and held it up before throwing it at him.

next up the studio bar in merthyr tydfil, me and mad dog for the cw heavyweight strap yet again. id lost to the dog twice in singles in the past and four times in singles matches.this would be no different taking him to 7-0 to the bass. good little match though,both strapped to the wrist, we battered each other,wipped each other,had a whip mark for a week later, back and fore, got him up in the powerslam postion and touched three corners not realising he was touching them has well, all of a sudden sugars sticking his nose in again, i stop for a split second and dog's slapping the ring corner,blown it again, managed to spear the fucker sugar out of the ring at the end of it.

in two week's time me and sugar will come to an end at the big bang 3,cw's wrestemania he's cost me a lot these past few month's iv lost two titles due to him and nemerous win's. these past few week's iv had time to think and look at where im going. im proud to be the only member of the roster who has appeared at every event in the past 2 years, over 72 matches and thats not including rumbles, not bad considering i nearly wernt going to start. so come the big bang 3, just watch this space, i predict a riot.

wednesday night i had the privelidge of getting a ring down in the studio bar on my own, then carrying it downstairs and loading on a van for sat's WWO show. now the only reason i left the ring up was for 2 training session's on satardays, in the first 6 turn up, then 5 for the next, fucking pathetic, all these people go on about in ring training and no fucker turns up, where were lyndon ham,wayne john,elpsycho,scouse,deathrow,jonny james and all the other trainee's? anyway wedsneday was the last straw, dying of flu i had to carry 8 big boards down by myself, thank fuck the misses who was also bad was there to take the ring down for me, another wrester did turn up with his mate,2 hours late but her did turn up. so fuck it there will be no more in ring training, the way i feel now i might sell the fucker.

anyway next up his tomorow's wwo show followed by swcw's show in cwm on monday, a nice couple of days of wrestling, wish i didnt have this fucking flu though, anyway i hope i havnt bored anyone, untill next time, all the best BASSEY

May 9th 2007     Another fucking mad month in the life of Thomas bassey.
Ill continue where i left off last time. Come day of April shower's and im off to the airport to pick up wrestler cj summer's.  played a rib on the cw promoter that the wheel of my car had been fucked and i couldnt get to cj, an hour later with cj in the car with me i have a blow out on the motorway,i pulls into the escape lane and drives for a half of mile with a flat tyre,manages to get into a council estate, off i goes on foot looking for a garage leaving cj with another roster member. the garage couldnt help me so i heads back to the car, it was then i noticed that i had a sparee wheel under the car, this snotty old bird comes out of this house with a right attitude and has a go at us for parkking there, 2o mins later and i cant get the wheel off, im lying on my back, stinking and ssweating when i can hear this noise, the cw roster member has only got cj hiting punch pads outside this woman's house, i gave them a bollocking haha her husband then comes out and helps us, i think he just wanted to see us gone from the area.
come the night of the show and the promoter's been hospitalised, i then get a phone call asking would i run the show with just under 2 hour's to go.
The show went well and it was a little wicked crowd there. i was tagging with Andy boy Simmonz for the second time in a matter of week's, had a good match with the new tag team of Saint and Sinner. Pulled off a nice win and progressed to the final.
The final came and we were up against mad Dog Max and Kade Callous, pulled off aniother win to become the very first tag team champion's of Wales. I was over the moon id picked up one half of the title's, looking forward to defending the belt's very soon.
Had a bit of shit in the nightclub where i worked, this one steroided prick kick's off with the doorgirl, i get involved and he want's it with me, anyway i wont say anymore on the subject has it's still ongoing, the bloke end's up with an apparent broken jaw,cheekbone,finger's,dislocated knee and cracked rib's. I then get a message from one of his family that apparently his dad has taken a bounty out on me, the usual doorman shit u get all a time, like i told his family memeber, 'tell his dad i hope it's a good one haha'.
Chris robert's show came round again, this time me and Jonny the Body tagging against Saint and Sinner, they got their revenge for the tag tournament and picked up a win on us, managed to spear both men together  at the end, a rematch was then announced for the next show.
2 days's later and it's the debut of Warren lewis and Lyndon ham's new promotion WWO.
A lot of people had slated this show in the week's coming up to it, many thought the two men didnt know what they were doing, but all were proved wrong with the nearly sold out show.
with a nine match card, going into the main event i knew we had to pull a good one off. I was pumped for it and so was the other crazy welsh bastard Chris Recall.
Id gone out earler in the show to make a save on the injured Caiman, the crowd loved it and were pumped right up for the Tables, Ladder's and Chair's match.
anyway to cut it short, it was just fucking nut's, i went through tables, got hit over the head with chair shot's Mick Foley would have been proud of haha, speared myself through a table. Iv said it before about Recall, he's like a little pitbull, i backdroped him through a ladder, powerbombed him through a table and the fucker still came biting at my leg. Anyway after nearly 25 min's i managed to get him up for the running powerslam and finally got to put him through thumb tac's on the ring apron for the three count, with blood still pouring into my eyes i managed to walk to the back to the crowd's delight. Has i entered the back roster member's were shaking their head's and shaking my hand's has i made my way to the shower, ripped my t shirt off and just let the water take the blood away,i think we'd managed to pull something special off and the main event lived up to what it promised. packed the ring away and then it was off back home to get ready for work.
Got up the next day aching like a bitch, it was then off to tondu cricket club for my PPW debut, got there early and got the ring up. a nice little crowd turned up and i was in a gauntlet match with tommy dean, steven barter and the celtic cowboy, it came down to me and tommy dean and we had our usual smash up, ended up finishing him with the running powerslam to get my PPW debut off to a good start.  grabbed a mcdonalds on the way home and then went straight to work.
Had our usual mad night in work, i then recieves a phone call from my misses saying there's someone in our house downstairs, i grab's my key's and shoots home in the car, two of my mates jump in the car with me, all the way home i didnt say a word, if someything had happened to the three of them i dont think id know what to do, this cheeky druggie bastard had gone into my house,done my living room over and then left, has my misses went to see who it was, the prick tries barging his way back in the house, he'd left this big weapon full of blood on our living room floor,the misses manages to get the door finally shut and he goes. me and my mate then go on the rampage, i catches up with this boy who description she had given me, he denies it all, as im about to leave another lad grasses him up and says he has my camera on him, my head goes and sweeps him to the floor, out bounces my camera, misses phone and my ring's, i see red and pulverise the prick. I then tried a few techniques to find out where my other stuff had gone, the police arrive and arrest the prick. 2 days later he gets charged and sent to cardiff jail, lucky escape in my opinon.
at this stage id like to mention one of the toughest fighter's iv ever met, a guy named david jones(Ringo) do you know i dont even know why they call him ringo?
Ringo had been in CW since day one, ringo's been there every show, after every show i always ask him how did the show go,ect ok iv never been a drinking partner of is but iv alway's got on great with the bloke and he always brings a smile to my face.
ringo had been at a rsw show this month up in england and hadnt mentioned anything about training to me, the following day i get a pm asking could he come to training on the monday night, how he got in touch with me was is because the regular trainer caiman was in hospital, iv never classed myself has a trainer, im still learning myself, but im old enough for people to listen to, the session was almost identical to what caiman had trained people every week.
Anyway ringo turn's up to train, and pick's up the basic's straight away. Anyway to cut it short at the end of the session during a little 2 minute match ringo collapses, most people will know the rest has they have kept an eye on what's been going on.
This hit me hard, i kept looking for clue's and thinking what had happened in that session, ect.
the following day after the night it happened i went to the hospital with my misses, i even had the chance to go in and see him with his mother, the boy was in his hardest fight of his life, a few hours after going there i then went on to another hospital to see caiman, we had a chat together and thought to our selves is this all worth it? kept in touch regular with ringo's best mate jonny p, every time id get a text id be afraid to read it. anyway about a week later ringo's come out of the coma and is on the mend, i then get's a chance to visit him with jonny and his other friend caitlyn, his mam and dad wheel him in in a wheel chair, next thing i know he's talking to us and laughing and joking, his mam's face was a picture, im not afraid to say it but i could feel tear's in my eyes, not unlike the night in the hospital when it happened, these were tear's of joy. Went down a few day's later with my brother Sugar and had a nice chat with ringo again, like i said he's one hell of a fighter, dont get me wrong he has a long way to go yet, but he want's it.
Which takes me to my last match of this commentry, a match i didnt see coming.
Id been booked to be a cornerman for rockin rian lewis in a boxing match for the interactive champuionship. Rian was due to face Kade Callous but for various reason's Rian decides to pull out the afternoon of the match, im not being a big head but id fought with pneomonia 2 month's earlier in the same venue. I said in my last commentry to Rian, 'watch out ,bassey likes that belt', so you can imagine my surpise when the booker phones me that day asking would i step in and box kade callous, i didnt want to let anyone down but on the other hand i hadnt boxed for about 4 year's. Anyway found my cornerman for the match, Spam offered his services and being an exboxer himself i took him up, i honestly beleive in spam's head we were in Vegas and i was Oscar De laya haha. He wound me up for the match and we had a wicked little boxing match, Kade got a bit pissed off in the third round i was getting on top and gave me a low, he then hit the ref and got Disqualified, i was then announced has the new IT champion, I stood on the second ropes with the IT title and my tag belt like Warrior at Wreslemania 6. I think id finally stepped up another level in CW. Anyway that's about it for this month, one fucking mad month. Who know's what next month hold's......stay safe ...BASSEY
28th March 2007
Welcome to my new commentry and before anyone say's a word, yes the rumour's are true, Thomas Bassey has signed up to appear at a few PPW card's coming up next month.
Bassey in PPW,' no fucking way' a few people will say, Bassey hates PPW, Bassey hates Alan Ravenhill, it cant be true, but i thought id come and explain a little about what's happening.
but before i get round to the PPW business ill continue where i left off last time.
Come the day of the Abertilary show and im feeling a lot better, not right, but better. Get's to the venue early and set's the ring up with the ring crew. people start arriving and i catch up with the promoter who then tell's me Joe E Legend's not on the show and neither his my tag team partner Paul Tyrell. I then get's told I'm now in an handicapped match and it's me on my own against Deathrow, Kade and Guidance. I havnt been in a ring since i'd had pneomonia, didnt know how my breathing was going to do and now i have to face these monster's, fucking great i thought, i begged the booker for a tag team partner, but he wasnt having any of it.
I was a bit gutted about Legend no showing, id poster the fuck out of abertilary for this show and people were going to be let down. I felt sorry for the promoter has well, he'd been shat on in my opinion by certain people but he still kept a straight face and got on with what he had. Jonny Storm stepped in at the last minute to the crowd's delight.
nice little crowd turned up and i made my first appearence at the end of the tommy dean match against adam paris, I gave Dean a choker and shaved his hair off to the crowd'd delight.
Come time of match and id been on the toilet 3 times in the last 15 min's leading up to the match, the same had happened to me a few month's previous in a match in cardiff against the Saint, I was ill, it wasnt nerves, id heard rumour's about people shiting theirselves in the ring. Due to Storm leaving early our match was closing up the show.
Anyway went out there and had a cracking match, a few times i was on the floor and i could feel my breath going, a big thank you to the referee who kept an eye on me throughout the match, hed known about the pneomonia and kept checking on me, finally managed to hit guidance with a spear for the three count when the other two men were on the outside arguing, got a bit wound up and put guidance above my head and threw him over the ropes onto both men, the crowd went nut's and loved it.
Got changed, packed the ring away, and was back in work before i knew it.
The following week was a bit of a blur for me, one of my best mates decides to take his own life, some of you might remember him at the CW award's night's, they were the two with no hair at the back of the hall no one knew, he'd even come to visit me two days earlier to see the new baby, there he sat with me and my misses laughing and joking for 2 hour's drinking tea, 2 day's later his brother ring's me with the bad new's, i just couldnt get my head around it, still cant. I then had the horrible task of being a bearer for his funeral on the monday, My head was in the cloud's and i had a show to do on the sat, a show he told me he was coming to with his kid's.
taped my arm up in respect for him and got on with the show.
tagged up with jtb at the beginning of the show, mad Dog interfeared and to cut it short kade managed to put me in the razor's edge fior the three count, fuck me, does this move hurt, u cant get out of it, ur just looking up at the ceiling waiting to hit that floor. got a bit pissed off after the match and cut my first proper promo on the mic, the crowd went nut's and Mad Dog aceepted my challenge for the main event at the end of the show.
Match went well at the end of the show, back and fourth, Kade callous decides to stick his nose in when im secs away from pinning the champion. I then get's hit with the doomsday device, this has to be CW's most vicious move at the moment, when ur up in there it's goodnight, JTB finally came to my rescue and we speared the fuck out of mad Dog and kade. A good show and a good turnout.
Monday came and one of the worst day's of my life, horrible expereince. A few day's over and it's over to Chris Roberts's promotion SWCW. I love these show's, you just turn up, dont worry about ring's or if there's going to be people there and just wrestle.
However a few problem's nearly stoped the show, me and another member of the SWCW roster running around Abergavenny looking for a spring for the ring, we then met up with another car like some sort of drug deal and got the spring to the show on time.
Had a nice little triple tag team match against yeston Rees,saint, and Ashton Brown, ashton brown got thrown out of the ring smashing my lip open and Koing JTB to the floor. We have been granted a rematch for the end of April and this one is going to be nut's.
it's nice reading on the forum how well Matt Vaughn is doing in the USA, but what we musnt forget about is Steven Barter(the Workman) he may not be getting matches every night like Vaughn, but he's there in Storm's class day in day out, I think we are all going to be in for a shock when he return's to, mark my word.
Right i havnt moaned about any injury's yet this month, so hear we go hhaha over the pneomonia, put a stone back on and its not muscle hhaha, bottom of my back his back again, i dont know the name for it but it fucking hurt's if i sit down for to long.
Knee's are getting worse by the day, i dont blame wrestling, i played rugby for ten years, i boxed for 7 year's and now i wrestle, although they are starting to cease up and click all a time. how long do i have left in this sport, In my mind Id like to go on forever, but i got a feeling its not going to happen, who know's what they will be like by xmas, but at the moment im going flat out into every match like it's my last.I really need to loose weight and make thing's better for them.
Loving people's commentry's lately, there's never enough in my opinion, reading JTB's yesterday really got to me, the bloke's a legend, speak's from the heart and dont give a fuck, Bassey will be producing shoot interview's soon and body's granted me my first shoot, every fucker look out, no one's safe haha i guarantee you will pay to see this haha.
which takes me to Chris Recal's new commentry about friday night's show. I have managed to see last friday's night show and thourougly enjoyed it, it was nuice seeing Sugar hit the samoan, both men done well and wound the crowd right up for the next match.
had a wicked tag match against kade and the big monster LT Summer's, just over a year in the sport and im treaming with one of the best in the UK Andy Boy Simmonz. we pulled off a wicked win and the Canton crowd loved it. The interactive title then changed hand's with Rian Lewis picking the title up, congratulation's mate, be alert though, Bassey loves that title haha
The rest of the show was also awesome, congrat'sto Storm on his title win, which takes me to Recall vs Caiman, what a match, that's all i say, buy the dvd, see what i mean.
right here we go, PPW, The promotion of the ego maniac jack Starr alias Alan Ravenhill.
or as i have called him in the past a lot,lot worse haha
There's no doubting rav has i call him has got up to some nasty trick's in the past, i wont go into detail has it's in the past, but from day one iv alway's spoke to him alright, not big conversation's, we have had our text war's ect but we have always ended up speaking alright.
I got involved with a promotion who im still one hundred per cent behind and they had their little war, why i was involved i dont know, it wasnt my promotion but when i get into something it's flat out all the way. throughout the past year i stood behind a lot of roster member's who were having the same problem's with Rav, i stood behind them like an agony aunt to be left feeling like a prick when i turn on forum's to see their names appearing on Rav's show's. Time after time i was left gritting my teeth wondering what the fuck was going on. many a times id try to be the middle man in all these argument's. Got offered various chances of seminar's and stuff but id bite my toungue and stick to my moral's. I was quite proud of the fact that i had stuck to my gun's and hadnt taken any of PPW's offer's. That was month's ago, a meet was sorted between the 2 head honcho's and up untill this day remain's the same, no more fucking shit between the camp's. Like a good mate of mine say's all he want's to do is wrestle and put Wales on the map, let's all get on.
Has many of you know i recently purchased my own ring. Rav stayed in touch and was interested in using it on a few show's coming up. last night I then receives a text asking me if i would also work his show's, i knew it was coming. I thought hard about it for a few hour's, PPW roster member's Mr ? and Mr ? had been nagging me to join as well for week's on messenger.
I thought to myself i got into this sport to wrestle, not get into promotion war's, im 36 not getting any younger, life's to short. deep down i still had to break the new's to one person, i wont name names, but he had been my mentor, my trainer ect, would he like it ect. Anyway has im thinking about how the fuck im going to break it to ghm i receive a phone call friom that very person telling me that he had joined PPW, after a little chat we came to the conclusion, fuck it, life's to short, let's go for it, the rest's history.
Anyway that's about it, few will call me a wanker,a few will feell like i felt when other's went back there who gives a fuck, a big thank you to mrs Bassey, she lives the shit the same as me, she's been very supportive in all this.
Anyway sorry if iv bored any of you, tomorow's a new day, and Bassey's ready to go. Just found out this afternoon as well that the tournament for the tag titles is happening on April 11th, right im off to find myself a partner, look out CW
one last thing
FCUK PPW hahahahahahahahah
it hasnt been long since i wrote my last commentry but id thought id let you all know what's been  going on. Had some high's and low's since i last wrote a commentry. So here it goes.
Arrived at Rhymney for SWCW for my big leather strap match against the Saint. A few of the woman wrester's hadnt turned up to bad weather and Robert's was running round like a headless chicken, not only that newport wrester Sam had also let Robert's down at the last minute, with a few phonecall's made i managed to get my brother Sweet Sugar to step in at the last minute to face Nice Beretta. Robert's then came in the changing room and announced another sell out show, he then asked everyone could they give an extra 10 per cent has he needed a good show, not that everyone needed asking but we all pulled off another little classic.
The wait felt like ages to the last match and i must have drunk 3 bottles of water. Finally got out there and it was a wicked little feeling seeing my lumberjack's outside shouting me on. match finally got underway and i managed to spear the Saint off the ring apron into the lumberjack's. The match went back and fouth and Saint threw me outside into his lumberjack's, fuck me, did i get a whippin, lashes were coming from all angles, over my head,everywhere, after a few sec's i just shot up lashed out at whoever was near me, ok maybe i hit a few a bit hard, but this is wrestling and not dominoes, anyway back into the ring and before i knew it im back out again, revenge for some perhaps haha whiped the shit out of again untill i lashed out again, nearly catching my own lumberjack Jonny the Body hahah.
got back into the ring and finally hit Saint with a spear, then went for the running powerslam, next thing i know im getting blindsided by a few lumberjack's,next thing i know the whole ring's gone up, im lying on the floor and the crowd are going nut's, the ring clear's  Saint hit's with me with a chair with a bit of help from his lumber's, he then ddt's me for the three count, i then get's beat on untill my good buddies Caiman and Jonny the body make the save. Caiman then challenges the three men to a three man tag at the next Rhymney show, my first loss in SWCW and im pissed, come march in Rhymney and this will be one fucking tag team war.
next up is CW's first adult show of 2007 Anger Management, due to bad publicity and the late arrival of poster's this was a pretty bad turnout for a CW show. Anyway whatever the turnout it was time to do our thing. Opened the show up againt up and coming new trainee Andrew Marney, Marney had been finding his feet lately and then went out and challenged anyone in the building, bad idea, i got in there and smashed the fuck out of him in under 10 sec's with a spear, as i was getting out of the ring i seen him crawling up the ropes, i went over and raised his hand to show some respect for him, people were looking at me funny, didnt last long though as i then took the fucker's head off with a lariat, respect my arse haha hopefully he may have changed his tune in there from now on, we'll just have to wait and see.
postered the fuck out of merthyr for the feb 10th kid's show, a lot of people were asking about this one, around this time the misses got taken into hospital, blood preshure prob's baby due and problem's, also contacted a virus and chest infection around this time, every fucker i talked to seemed to have had it, come feb 3rd and i get 2 hours free on the sat afternoon, i knew the misses was having the baby that night so i went to town and brought some stuff, threw out another 200 poster's for the following week's show, got back up the hospital geting worse by the moment and then my misses goes into labour, anyway to cut it short around 7 o clock another little darling born into the world, another amazing feeling. Left the hospital a few hours later and then started becomg really ill, Baby was left out the next day and i just about found enough energy to pick baby and mother up, back home i then became so ill i had to go to bed, a brand new baby in the house and i couldnt face anybody. Goes to the doc's on the mon which was just a waste of fucking time, i then find's out im an handicap match the following sat against kade and deathrow, fucking great i thought, im fucked, cant breathe and im in with 2 of CW's biggest men. Spoke with the booker but i wouldnt pull out, started getting a little better in the week and found time to play with the new arrival, as for the show, has everybody know's it got cancelled because of the snow, for the first time i couldnt say i was gutted, the weekend came and i went back into work and stood on the door because i was so ill, come sunday night im getting worse having trouble breathing, the night's going quiet and i get called off the door, apparently this little roider had pulled his cock out ,pissed all over the floor,pushed the doorman who grabed him and was by the time i got there was wanking and laughing to himself sitting down, i wont go into detail(might put this story into a new book im writing about bouncers stories,cheap plug haha) anyway a minute later, hes on the floor outside the club on the florr with his trouser's around his knee's, dirty bastard, anyway getting round to it, as the commosion finished i was having trouble breathing, i knew i was getting worse, got home and thought im going back up docs in morn, got up and took daughter to school the next day, by now it was getting scary, tried ringing doc's but couldnt get an answer, droped her off and got back to the car, i then started coughing and loosing my breath, started to panick and it got worse, my head went light headed and i think i passed out, i started punching the car window to try and get a breathe, pain's in stomach were unbearable, this went on for a minute and in all honesty i thought i was going to die, i managed to calm down 2 mins later and got myself to the local casualty  hospital which was 1 min from the school.
after various tests it was found my sats were way down from smoking and that i had a shadow on one of my lung's, im sitting in this hops bed with all these thing's going through my mind, turn's out iv got slight neomonia and a bad chest infection, after spending the whole day there they then decide to send me home because there's not enough bed's,im given an inhaler incase iv now got asma, im put on 10 steriod tabs at a time and loads of antibiotic's, its now 2 day's later and i do feel a bit better, that's me done with the fag's, it's going to be hard but i think this was a wake up call,
iv lost over a stone in the last month with this illness and iv been at some really low point's but hopefully thing's will now change, iv had a chat with Mr Robert's about his show this friday, i was really looking forward to facing Buddy Edward's but i just cant see me making it in time, my first show iv pulled out on and im fucking gutted, thank's for being so understanding Chris, i promise ill make it up to you on a future show. Which takes me to this sunday CW show in Abertilary, another big match for Bassey,deathrow and kade,  this time the booker's have given me a tag team partner instead of an handicap match, and by fuck do i need a partner with the state im in, anyway iv got a good one, and with my finger's crossed breathing will be back to normal. if not we'l just have to see what happen's, anyway hope i havnt bored any of you with my whinging haha its been an hard old month and hopefully thing's change now, untill next time Staf Safe, Bassey
January 17th 2007
Right, here goes a commentry, havnt done one for ages, quite a few month's, this might bore a few people, it might interest some, who gives a fuck. People used to look forward to my commentry's waiting for controversy, waiting for me to say stuff other's just think, but anyway this time its just about wrestling, in all honesty i could go off on a rant but is it all worth it, im now 36, not getting any younger, not out to sighn contract's, if i get picked for a show then i get picked, if i dont then big deal, at the end of the day im enjoying myself and just having fun, perhaps iv taken
thing's to serious in the past, who know's, anyway a lots happened since i bloged last so here it goes.
The first taping's of Chaos came and im put in with rookie Elpsycho, look at me calling wrester's rookie's haha, anyway had a nice match with him and pulled off the win, show 2 came and i beat him again, show 3 and im now in against Matt Vaughn, id wrested Matt in RSW a few times but this was our first in CW, nice little match with me getting a win by countout after Caiman run in and frightened him off, would have liked to have had longer with Matt has i know we could pull something special off, hopefully when he return's from the America we can have another go.
Continued to wrestle almost weekly picking up win's again The Saint in SWCW, Golden boys in RSW, Tropical Warrior in CW(loved this match even though it was short.)The second Chaos taping's came and picked up some more win's again Thunderbolt and Elpsycho,Thunderbolt and Kade Callous. This is the first time id locked up with the big young lad named Callous, really loved this match which ended up with me hitting him with a beer barrel hahaThe Big Bang 2 came and iv got Chris Recall, got offered a match against legend Tracy Smother's but turned it down, one thing Bassey dosnt do and that's dance, ask my misses haha Anyway back to the Recall match, it was for the interactive title and we were going on one from last, the match before us well over run and the crowd had gone really quiet.people have told me this has been my best match to date and it felt awesome. the match went back and fourth and the crowd came back to life and got into it. i pulled some moves off in that match id never of dreamed about doing a year ago in my debut, samoan drops,powerbomb's,ect. Both of us were pumped up and smashed the fuck out of each other, Recall in this match was like a little pit bull, recall's something like 12 stone compared to my 20 stone but that dosnt put him off, when he hit's you, it hurt's, i took 2 superkick's to the jaw in the end of the match which should have knocked me out, adrenaline was in though and i finally pulled the win off and with the styles clash, id practised this move on my four year old daughter in the house  and thought i wonder if i could pull it off in the ring, my answer was found to the crowd's delight. I left the hall that night knowing we had pulled something special off.
Come Nov 4th and Bassey's Goldberg attempt get stoped at 24 straight win's, not a bad little record, still managed to keep hold of the Interactive title has the match wasn't a title defense.No exscuses, beaten by the better man on the day, me and Kade hit each other all round the studio bar, got back into the ring and got hit by an f5, 20 stone coming down from that height hurt's and Kade got the pin.
Come November 16th and its back over to Rhymney, this time against one of my favourite wrestler's from the UK Mad Man Manson, originally scheduled to be The Saint and Manson's crawling from under the ring, this bloke is so funny in the ring and we had a good smash up, finally ended up pinning him and then the Saint run in, managed to pin him as well to make it 2 pin's in one night in SWCW
2 day's later and it's CW's charity walk to help Spam's kids get some money for xmas, not a bad little turnout but could have been better. A wicked day with over 150 quid raised by all there. Taped some footage which should show up on the CW documentry soon.
A week later and the charity shgow in the day, good turnout and good matches, had a good smash up with bolt, recall and elpsycho.
come the night and its total elimination, CW's answer to the survivor Series, manages to scrape through the first round with new up and coming rookie Rian Lewis.
Come the final match and he's gone early, managed to put a good fight up against the system member's eliminating them all, Deathrow then entered fressh and hit me with 2 chokeslam's for the win. This was my first encounter with Deatrhrow and by fuck did it hurt. A week later I Got to canton for xmas cracker and opened up the show. I was up against an irish whip wrester named Rick o Shea. A young kid with a lot of talent who had obvisouly studied Bret Hart. He put my leg's in some position's they had never been in before. Finally hit him with a running powerslam after he got a bit cocky, another win in Canton.two day's later and it was up to XSW to make my debut. Left early and got up there for dinner time, it was nice being in a venue with so much talent coming through the door's. Had a trial match in the day which went ok. the night got postponed a few hour's and i finally got on about 11.30, i was in a gauntlet match, the talent in that match was unbelievable and here's me a year in the sport in the same ring has them. Anyway wound myself up and entered the ring, Charlie Rage call's me on has i enter the ring, has i go to get up on the ropes i get hit across the back of the head from behind and get knocked down,a set up and i didnt see it coming, i then gets hit again and then thrown into the ring, Rage hits a samoan folled by a spear and iv been eliminated. I make my way to the back with my head bleeding feeling like an absolute prick, the so called One Man Riot taken out in under 20 sec's. I just felt like my first time on the big stage and i looked a right cock, anyway hopefully me and Rage's  path's will cross in the near future.
2 weeks to go before the final chaos tapings and i pull's my leg n training, pulled the calf muscle right off the bone, i wont go into details but all who were there thought it was quite funny. Just as the calf's getting better i yanks it right out again in a fight in the nightclub whilst im working.My calf and shin then swells up to nearly 3 times the size of the other. I then switches on the computer to find out im now in the main event against mad dog in a title vs title match.5 days to go in my biggest match of my careear and im fucked, The cw board of officials noticed that id held the IT title for over 90 days, nearly 6 month's to be exact, and now i was the number one contender for the big belt. I phones the CW booker up and explained i might have to pull out of the show, this was upseting me no end has im the only roster member to wrestle on every show since day one. He said he'd check back with me closer to the day of the match. The day before and my calf's still swollen to fuck, but i thought fuck it, im strapping it up, this is the big to the venue early to find out that all the nuts and bolts had been lost from the ring, 5 hours later and the ring still
aint up, my stress level's are now bursting and i must have smoked over 20 fags, finally get the ring up in the new venue, next tester would the floor hold the ring haha. anyway come time
of my match and the shows gone great, could feel my calf niggling and my nerves were the worst iv ever been,my first main event,  i just had visions of my calf pulling one minute in. Being in with
the current champion would be a bad time for it to go. Anyway it held and we had a nice little match, the crowd loved it and i came within a breath of becoming the CW heavyweight champion. I vouched a long time ago in a commentry that there's 2 thing's id like to succeed in wrestling, the interactive title and the CW heavyweight title. Part one iv acomplished and part 2 is now my
new challenge. I came so close to becoming the Super heavyweight Amaeutuer Boxing champion of Wales in 1997, it's now 10 ten year's later and this time i will not fail.Next up in the month were the CW award's. After Spam puling out at the last moment for various reason's, thing's were left to me to sort thing's out. Anyway thing's came together and a wicked little crowd turned up all pumped up for this event and buzzing.CWMD at the time Jonny James took over hosting it and done a wicked job. Chris Robert's comes up and anounces the first award of tag team of the year. Next thing i know me and Sugar are up on stage after being anounced the winner's, its nice to see the people had got behind us, we had started off slow loosing in feud's with the uk freebird's but had picked up so much off them guy's. By summer we started working has a team and have been unbeaten ever since in CW, we even picked the HCW tag team titles up in england as well and still remain undefeated there to.Next up Rookie of the year, i knew this would be close,a lot of
people said tommy dean would win this, i honestly thought he might have pipped me for it to, but like i said on the night iv had a wicked first year, iv learnt a lot of so many people, to many to name. But it felt awesome standing up there winiing these two titles. Also took outstanding contribution to CW which was awesome. Id put a lot of time and effort in the last year and it was nice receiving this award. A big thank you to Karl Griffiths for giving me the chance to be up on that stage receiving these award's. Rest of the show went awesome and was rounded off with Sugar being anounced the new MD.Everyone else know's the rest, Bassey's only night off over xmas and he still end's up working haha Back in work over xmas, same old shit fighting every night, why cant people just enjoy theirselves.come Boxing day and Bassey's Interactive title reighn finally bites the dust. after nearly 6 month's i end up loosing to the ego maniac in a cracker of a match. I was fucking gutted id lost the belt, it had come part of me,i would have liked to have done a lot more with
it, but id had some wicked matches with it, and this one topped it all off.from start to finish it was just crazy, weapons, stick,s trays,fire extinguisher's, both pissing blood and then finally the thumbtacs. Deathrow then decides to stick his nose in and im being smashed through tac's, one stage i came down on my leg on then and the whole fucking leg went dead, horrible experience, not much more i can say, Bolt finally get's the pin, im lying there cant see out of my eyes through blood in them, tacs in my head and im a beaten man, made my way to the back, give Bolt one last look, thinking to my self ill have you back. But my problem now is this Deathrow, this is just the start between me and him. Get's cleaned up backstage and goes back on the door of the club, should have got a few stitches in at the local hospital but just didnt have the time, get's home about 3 where i finally had a good look at the cut, and fuck me was it a cut, got the misses to glue it together the next day for me.The day after and im wrestling again in Abertilary, would the cut
open back up, Im only in the main event again against Kade Callous stepping in for mad dog max, another wicked match with kade, mad dog then gets in and lariats me and kade gets the pin, bad old week for Bassey to get my hand's on Deathrow in the rumble on the show, sneaked
in and threw the big fucker out, i then get's eliminated by Kade and me and Deathrow go for it. Like i said this is just the start between me and him. finally nice to have a break from wrestling
over the new year as 2006 was an awesome year. Last satarday was CW's first show of the new year and im in an 8 man tournament, pulled off some nice win's against Tommy Dean and Chris Recall
before loosing to Kade Callous yet again in the final due to interfearence from Deathrow. Pulled my thigh muscle first round against Dean but continued to wreste the other round's. Finally got hit with the razor's edge by Kade which knocked the living shit out of me. So it's back to the drawing board for Bassey now in CW.Started  heal up lovely for my big match tomorow night in SWCW. A leather strap lumberjack match, this should be a classic, more next time, stay safe BASSEY
August 29th New Commentry
Come the day of Enter the Dragon and my neck was a lot better, went round the local town and gave some flyer's out in the morning and then headed to the Studio bar to put the ring up.
Come 2 o clock and Smother's and The Dragon havnt turned up, the promoter then start's making different matches, i was gutted that id missed a chance to face TWC's Dragon Aisu, 20 min's later and we hear they are in the venue. 120 mad merthyr fan's had turned up and were right up for it.
I was on second and the crowd went nut's, one of the loudest chant's id heard since i started wrestling. After 15 min's i picked up a win over the Dragon, i wont bore you with the detail's but a lot of people said it was my best match to date. The Dragon and his manager were a class act and them chop's, fuck me, i thought he'd cut my chest open. Anyway i finished him with the running powerslam for the three count. Id actually finished a match without an injury and was on a high for a few day's. Back to training on the monday as normal, had a shoot fight with one of the new trainee's, a good mate of mine who i used to work on the door's with, a few day's later i find out that id fractured his wrist putting him into a wristlock, my apologies go out to him, tap quicker next time mate haha. Anyway keep smiling, i predict big thing's for him in the future.
Also get a phone call saying the Barry show had been canceled again, id only been down there the week before putting poster's up everywhere, fucking gutted again.
Next up was the Saint in Cardiff, the night before my misses decides to make me a home made chicken madras curry. Come the day of the saint match and im on the toliet all day, half hour before the match and im off again, 3 more times and the match is minutes away, this aint getting funny i thought to myself, im now sweating panicking and has the saying goes shiting myself haha
id heard stories about a wrestler in ppw shiting it in the ring and i was really starting to panick.
Anyway to cut it short i went out there and had a cracking little match with the Saint, pulled some good moves off including the samoan drop and basseybomb. Pulled another win off after hitting him with a wicked spear. Had a bit of adrenaline rush after the match, my music started blaring and all these kids were holding their hand's out, i run round the ring three times and then started making my way to the entrance, the only thing is iv gone to a totally different door in the building, people are now laughing, i then runs to another door and its closed, i was thinking the boys had ribbed me when the next thing i hear is spam shouting my name and pointing me to the proper entrance, i runs to the exit has fast has i can shamed, Sugar's and a few other wrestler's are in the corridow pissing their selves laughing. I run's outside throwing the belt on the floor in temper, I finally seen the funny side to it. Another succesfull night for CW. Took the IWW boy's back to the airport the next day and headed back home to start postering again.
Finally got my self to go to a gym, a certain wrestling promoter told me that if i wanted to become a wrester then i should hit a gym first, i dont know if he was having a go at my rick rude like body haha but anyway it was hard getting back into it has i hadnt been in a gym in year's.
Night of the butcher finally came and i had the task of picking the Canadian's up from the airport.
The day started off bad with me running out of petrol and then snaping my key in my door which also had my sat navigation in the house. Running round trying to get key's cut when im supposed to be on the way to the airport, finally made it to the airport and no one's there, flight's were late, anyway the american's finally made it, had a good old chat with Dru on the way to merthyr, im 20 stone but felt like a little kid sitting next to the big man.
Come the night and i was going on first, Sweet Sugar had won a poll on the net for an interactive title shot. Brother vs brother, to be honest i was dreading this.
The crowd was pretty poor for a CW show has there were a lot of festival's around, but from who were there they were pretty rowdy. The match started and before i knew it iv been hit over the head with a guitar by tommy dean, people were saying to me later how did i get back up from it so quick. I was lying on the floor rubing my head waiting for blood to pour from it, i had splinter's of wood stuck in my head, i pulled a few big ones out and next thing i know Tommy Dean's shouting at Sugar to pin me. The cheeky fucker Sugar's gone for a pin and Dean's naiiled him as well. Adrenaline then kicked in and iv shot back up has Dean's cutting some promo. Sugar's then gone for a quick roll up, i thought he really want's this title. I then loose it and beat the shit out of Sugar, Sugar made a few comeback's and it was a really hard match. Dean came back out at the end and the roles were reversed, i rolled Sugar up for the three count. A nice little match and boy did i ache the next day.
Two day's later and the roles are reversed, me and Sugar are back up in England in the first HCW UK tag team tournament. We were both right up for this and good new's for us the UK Freebird's wernt entering. We'd picked up a lot from taging against the freebird's in CW but had never beaten them.
A nice little crowd turned up for this outdoor show and the weather was lovely. First round we were going against the Japanese 400iber Ronin who was taging with CW's Matt Vaughn. A nice little match with Vaughn landing his suicide dive onto both of us at one stage. The match went back and fourth and me and Sugar ended up getting the win and progresing to the final.
Come the final and we were going up against tag team from England called The Glory Boy's, these reminded me of the wwf's Rocker's , they were fast and the match went back and fourth, me and Sugar broke them right down with big powermoves, at the end, one went for a crossbody off the top rope, my momentum went over on him to take a three count(and they were rumours my legs were on the ropes haha) me and Sugar had become the new champion's, what a feeling, right up there with my interactive title. Me and Sugar left there with the gold in the air winding the english crowd up. A bit later on a woman asked me would i referee a charity boxing match, she said shed seen me wrestle and would i referee it has she thought it was going to turn nasty.
Anyway i changed and refereed this smash up between 2 ex boxer's.
The following day, up early again and back up to england, the rain nearly canceled the show but it went ahead. Had a bout with a boy names Sam Daniel's, a nice little match with me taking the win.
also went out for the last match which was a survivor series elimination match, lasted about 10min's before Matt Vaughn rolled ,me up to eliminate me, Vaughn then went on to win it.
a nice little weekend of wrestling and surprisely has i write this not many aches, Roll on this satarday, the debut of CW's Chaos, i cant wait........
one last thing, some may find funny, a young girl about 10 comes up to me sunday after we'd won the titles, i was sighning a few autographs and she say's'bassey can i have your t-shirt' after a bit i goes back inside and tell's sugar, sugar turn's to me and say's, 'yeah, her mother probably spilt a pint of beer and she needed a beer cloth' haha i thought u cheeky fucker haha

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