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............ BASSEY............

About Me
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All About Me

I first became interested in wrestling at a very young age, watching our heros the Road Warriors up my mates house on cable tv also World of Sport with the Likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks. I then wittnesed my first live wrestling match in the local lesuire centre when Dave Fit Finlay fought a very young William Regal in a cage match.

I continued to watch wrestling now and again on S4C and then one night at a late lock in I was introduced back into the WWF by SummerSlam 89. I was instantly hooked and have been ever since.

I started traveling the world meeting and watching various wrestlers right up to the present day.

When I left school at 16 I took up and played rugby for a local team for ten years before turning my hand to boxing. Deep down I wanted to be a wrestler but had no oppotunity to do so. I continued to box for 7 years reaching 2 Welsh super heavyweight finals and an international match in Italy. Then in 2004 due to personal reasons I retired from the boxing ring.

After a long year of doing nothing and not training I was then introduced to Karl aka Caiman. Then my journey began. He was about to start his own promotion Celtic Wrestling. He then invited a few of us to a private training session and I was instantly hooked. Within a couple of weeks I had picked up the basics and Caiman asked if I felt ready to step into the ring. 

After eight weeks of training Thomas bassey was then born, I had finally for filled one of my dreams and found a hobby which makes me happy.




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