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August 5th 2006
Right ill kick off like normal continuing where i left off.
Finally got rid of the flu come Chris Robert's South Wales Championship Wrestling show's.
Like i said in my last commentry I was popping over there and the card was excellant. What i didnt let people know was I was making my debut for SWCW.
it was no secret that me and Robert's had argued in the past, but that was all sorted a long while ago and i always respected the job he done.
Anyway i received a phone call asking would I be available for his SWCW show's.
I didnt need to think twice about this, Id seen his debut show which was wicked and i wanted in.
For Robert's this was shit or bust, what crowd would be there ?, the lad had put a lot of time into promoting this and come opening time they were cuing to get in, i felt glad for him and hopefully this would become a start of something big for him and Welsh Wrestling.
Arrived at the venue early on a boiling hot summer night, tried my best to stay backstage but i wasnt on until second half, went out and got some air.
Come second half and i was raring to go, psyched myself up, now i didnt have any music for the show has Robert's had picked me some new music.
I kept thinking this is a rib, im going to go out there to something corny, anyway after the Saint had made a challenge this music started playing.
The music was wicked and it just kicked in. Well has for the match, what can i say, nothing aginst the Saint, I was so wound up I would have beaten whoever was in front of me.
He looked at me and I nearly speared him out of his shoes, i then threw him up into the running powerslam, and nearly smashed him through the ring for the three count.
The man they call Bassey had finally arrived in SWCW. Iv heard all the rumour's since how i caught him unawhere and that he wasnt ready, so a match has now been lined up in the next Rhymney show, I cant wait for this one.
after the show a few of the SWCW roster stayed at my house, we were all going onto Barry the next day so it was pointless them going back home. Had a good crack with them and stayed up untill the early hour's of the morning watching wrestling. The three of them acted like gentlemen in the house and are welcome back any time.
The following day we were all getting ready to go onto Barry and then we get a phonecall saying the show had been cancelled, we were all fucking gutted, although i was in a tag match it was still my first time to show the new Interactive title off i had won 2 weeks earlier, we all then parted way's but i still made the trip to Barry has Id promised my daughter we'd go to the beach.
Ended up back in work in the night and was involved in a little battle royale, not the same as being in the ring but anyway i ended up the winnerof the little bout.
Was back in training on the monday night and had to put two matches together with the new trainee's, there's me calling them trainee's as if im a veteran haha.
had a nice little match with Rex everything first, Rex has come on so well in the past few week's and it was good working with him, i finished Rex off with a spear for the win.
Second up was CW wrestler Adam Paris, Paris has also come on really well lately and we had another nice little match back and fourth, at the end he went for a cross body, I caught him threw him onto my shoulder's and straight down for a samoan drop, the move looked wicked, but we were both landing on a 2 inch mat, with his sixteen stone momentum as well we both came down really hard, i hurt my shoulder,chest and neck, i pinned him and jumped up, next thing we knew he wasnt moving, this was quite scary for a few second's, i was hoping i hadnt fucked up and broke his shoulder or something, a few of the lad's started helping him and then we realised he was just winded, he then got up and said well done man, that was a wicked move has he shook my hand, fair play to him, he's a tough old fucker and he'll go far. Minutes later i started ceising up and pulled out of the rest of training. day's later and i cant move my neck, anyway after a few day's my neck started loosening up. I then recieved a phone call on the weekend saying my match at Summer Heat was going to be a dog collar match, fucking great i thought, neck's still sore and Iv got a dog collar match.
anyway the night of the show came and there was a nice little crowd in there, i was going on second half and the wait felt like ages.
Psyched myself up like normal and hit the ring, this was my first defense of the title and i knew it was going to be an hard one. Sharpie hit the ring and played hell with the crowd.
The dog collar's were put on and off we go, Sharpie attcked me quick and beat's on me, he goes for the four corner post's early and i nail him with a clothesline early,i beat the shit into him hiting him across the head with the chain, he makes a comeback and beat's on me for a while, he then start's whipping me across the back, he gave me three of the best has i called him on, his face was a picture as i was laughing at him, i may have been laughing but the pain of these was unbearable, i actually thought all three has made me bleed, i then gave him a monster spear hiting him to the outside, i goes after him and he smashes me across the face with the chain,he then catches me with an hell of a whack off the ring apron with the chain across the face, i hits the floor and all of a sudden i can feel this warm feeling go all over my face, i goes to get up and i get smashed across the face with a baking tray, all of a sudden i can hear all these people cheering for him, all of a sudden with blood not just poring out of my face but squirting out i came alive again, adrenaline must have kicked in and i just went nuts, threw sharp over the barriers and followed him beating him with a chain, i knew i was bleeding bad as people were in shock, sharpie then caught me with a low blow and done a flip off a table onto me, managed to suplex him on a wood floor, 5 mins later after iv been hit and its still poring out of me,sharpie managed to get me up onto the band stage and went for a suplex, i think this would have been the end for me, caught him with two beautiful stomach shots winding him, i then thought fuck it, and speared him off the stage, not onto a table or anything but mid air, we both hit the floor hard, got him back into the ring, both of us were now blowing and i could see the blood as it was hiting the ring canvas, sharpie then hit me with a stunner and nearly touched all corner's, in one last effort i speared him, i then got him onto my back with a firemans carry and touched all four corner's. He rolled out of the ring has the referee raised my arm, i didnt even have enough energy to celebrate and walked slowly to the back.
cleaned myself up in the back area and went outside to get some air. an hour later and no amount of tab's could have cured my headache, but still managed to put the ring away as normal. Another cracking night for CW and a lot of fan's left happy. Went and had a curry at the end of the night with Hero who was staying at my house for the night. Got up 7.30 the next morning to do a concrete job for my mate and my head was still bleeding. Anyway my head's healed up ok as i write this, but this fucking neck,chest,choulder injury from training just wont get any better, no training this monday so hopefully come next satarday the pain will be gone so i can face Dragon Asia.
Iv seen the Dragon's work and im looking forward to this one, i wont be known as just a brawler with a chain. Come next satarday night im hoping to be known as a lot more.
congatulation's to Mr Recall and his ex Camilla on the birth of their baby son. Im hearing a lot about the little cherub and if he's anything like his dad then he wont go far wrong.
a really busy schedule for me this month, not bad considering a year ago i wasnt even wrestling.
back to merthyr next sat, then onto canton the following week, then off to barry the following week and then  back to merthyr again followed by two days up in england for RSW.
So hopefully come next commentry it should be a good one. Also started filming some footage for the documentry and writing some plot's down.
Anyway im out of here, catch you next time, BASSEY



Commnentry July 17th 2006


Met Sugar early in the day for the Lock up show to put the ring up. He was right up for this match as well as myself. Over the past few month’s we had both learned so much off Recall and Tyler and now we were getting a chance to wrestle the two of them.

A nice little crowd turned up who were quite noisy and loved the wrestling.

Me and Sugar entered first to Pantera’s Walk, we both hit the ring like lunatic’s psyching ourselves up. We then waited in the ring for the System’s music to start when all of a sudden Bonnie Tyler’s’Holding out for an hero’ song comes on, down come Tyler and Recall in two of the brightest coloured curly wig’s id ever seen.

I looked at Sugar thinking what the fuck is going on. Recall then cut’s this promo daring us to a dance off, now my misses will tell you, I don’t dance, im 20 stone and have got no co-ordination., but what could I do, people were cheering us on Tyler handed me and Sugar these two pink wigs, they then started dancing in front of us to Bonnie’s song again. Sugar start’s putting the wig on, so I thought ‘fuck it’ and joined him. I look’s at Sugar and he’s dancing without a care in the world, Im now pissing myself laughing and tried doing what Sugar was doing, it just didn’t look the same, in the end me and Sugar just looked at each other, ripped the wig’s off and went at them like lunatics.

For the next ten minutes the match went back and fourth, Tyler done a dive to the outside on us at one stage, I think Recall had also been watching the best of Rob van Damn has he was somersaulting off apron’s onto us as well, come the end of the match and me and Sugar hit them with a double spear, I lay on Tyler and he layed on Recall for a three count. We had gotten our first win as a tag team in CW against two of the best singles competitor’s. The era of the Bassey’s had finally arrived.

Talking to Sugar after the bout, and he was smiling, and said to me,’Do you know iv just pinned the Interactive Champion’, I then had to break him the bad new’s, the referee Ash had told me a few minutes earlier that because Tyler was the legal man then I would go down in the record book’s has making the pin. Sugar still laughed it off.

Had some good New’s that misses Bassey is pregnant again. Had a few problem’s which I wont go into but hopefully everything will be alright from now on in. Hopefully it will be a little boy as Abi’s had a gutsfull of me doing new moves on her haha

Also went on holidays for a week to Minehead’s Butlin’s, never been there before but would recommend it to anyone. The only thing is my misses told me Johnny the body used to be a red coat, so every time I seen these red coat’s dancing I was picturing the body dancing, quite funny really.

Although I was on holiday’s we actually managed to catch an all star wrestling show as well. There must have been about 600 people watching on this Tuesday afternoon with a well put together three match bout. James Mason who I had seen on a show back in Wales last year was captaining a uk team against a so called usa team led by this big bloke called the avalanche. Anyway the uk team won and the place erupted.

On the holiday the food was all you can eat, now im a fat fucker who likes my food so you can imagine how much I eat, if I didn’t put a stone on in a week then there was something wrong, I was also drinking every night and smoking like a tropper.

Now iv never smoked, always been against it, my dad used to smoke 80 a day and I used to play fuck with him for smoking, but mad how thing’s turn round, I picked a fag up in his funeral to calm my nerves and it’s just gotten worse over the past year, from 2 a night to nearly ten, it’s a dirty bastard disease which I will kick soon, I owe my dad that.. Anyway I get home from holiday’s and I feel pregnant again, my stomach’s pushed out and I look 7 months pregnant again, not something you need going into an handicap match against Tyler Browne and Tommy Dean.

Got to the venue early and no one was there, had a roll and a fag and Caiman turned up. People then started arriving and we got the ring and barrier’s up. Caught up with Hero who used to be in UCW and had a little chat with him, him and his wife were a really nice couple and seemed very interested in getting involved. In CW.

Due to work commitment’s my match was opening the show up. With a starting time of 7.30 I goes to get dressed for my match, I put’s my combat’s on and I cant do them up, id only picked my misses trouser’s up, now I had a full panic on, rushed in the car and got back down to the venue by 7.20. Thankfully everything was running a bit late.

Come show time and the crowd is right down on what we are used to, perhaps even 200 people missing, although from how many was there they were still rowdy.

Locked up with bolt and overpowered him, caught Tyler with some good clothes lines and he bailed out, got back in with bolt and run at him on the ropes, he pulled the ropes down and I went flying over the top smashing by back on the apron, before I could get up Tyler was on me, finally got up and all I could see was Bolt coming off the top rope to the outside with an axe handle. He hit me with such force I seen a silver light and I dropped to the floor in pain. Both men get me back in the ring and beat on me for a while.

Managed to make a little comeback when the ego maniac Bolt was posing to the crowd, the match went back and fourth and at one point Tyler even Samoan droped me on my back. Near the end I made another comeback, by now I was absolutely fucked, this time Bolt’s up posing on the second rope, I got up slipped in between his leg’s so he’s on my shoulder’s, now id seen this move before, cant remember where, I then swung him round into a powerbomb position, and just dropped to my arse, now id done this move a few times in the past few week’s and it always’s get’s a good pop, the crowd loved it but for some reason a pain shot up my back from my arse, I honestly thought id shit myself, I couldn’t move for a few second’s and layed there with the lifeless Bolt. Adrenaline must have kicked in by now and I was back up beating on Bolt, Bolt then kicked me in the ball’s and I dropped to the floor again, the food,drink and fags had by now kicked in and I was fucked, both men then threw me into the ropes, I ducked their clothesline and just threw myself at both of them with the biggest spear id done to date.

It contacted both of them and I managed to get the three count on both of them has the crowd erupted. I then run to the back and just collapsed on a chair and sat there for 20 min’s. After a while the adrenaline run out and the pain started to kick in on my arse.

Someone said id either torn or bruised my tailbone which is at the top of the arse.

I then had to shoot off to work has I was late and stand in the club until 2.20. The pain by 2.30 was unbeilavable, I even contemplated hospital but didn’t fancy a doctor playing with my arse. Got home and took some inflammation tab’s and some pain killer’s.

The following day was spent sitting on my daughter’s rubber ring which she uses for the bath’s with my misses cracking jokes.

Come Monday morning and I see’s a thread on the net saying Im in the running for a shot at the Interactive title the following satarday. Goes to training in the night just to watch as I was in to much pain. Goes on the net on Tuesday to find out me and Chris Petherwick had joint votes and were now in a triple threat match for the title. I was in an aqward situation, my pain was getting worse, do I keep taking the tab’s or do I go and see a doctor. Like I said I didn’t fancy anyone playing with my ass so I kept taking the tab’s, the next few day’s just wasn’t a funny experience at all.

Come the day of Smash up and my arse was a lot better, still didn’t know what the pain was going to be like if I took a bump but I thought id cross that when I came to it.

Went round the local town for an hour in the morning and gave over 300 flyer’s out, I was actually glad to get in the studio bar has it was a lot kooler in there.

Time was going really fast and before I knew it I was in the ring, nice little crowd and really rowdy. At one stage I didn’t know if it was an adult show or kids as the Fuck the System chant’s were awesome.

Id Psyched myself up so much for this match and the crowd were right behind me, Petherwick get’s taken out straight away leaving the match now a one on one.

The ego maniac Tommy Dean was outside strutting his stuff but he would get his as well.

After about 5 min’s I threw Recall at a rope and a bar snapped under the ring..Recall then dragged me to the outside where him and Dean beat on me, Recall even hit me with a chair twice. I thought back and slamed Dean to the floor, I then got up on a table and gave him an elbow drop, this took him out of the game for a while.

Got back in the ring and Recall threw me into a turnbuckle, something snapped again and the ropes just came down, me and Recall carried on fighting has if nothing had happened.

Dean then jumped in again and got Recall disqualified. I came out with a win but the title didn’t change on DQ. I was absolutely gutted has I was so wound up I sensed a win.

Still sweating and not a happy man I get called out to see if I could fix the ring with spam and the ring crew, ten minutes later and close to deidration I had to take control and come to the conclusion that the whole lot had to come down, it was either that or call the show off. Anyway 25 min’s later and the ring’s fixed and back to normal. The second half of the show’s about to start, I grab’s the CW MD and chokes him like I was taking someone out of the club.I throws him in the ring and for the first time I cut a promo. He then start’s giving it the big one so I nail’s him and Recall comes out, with my hand around the MD’s neck he makes the match in the ring. Recall run’s at me with a clothes line, I duck’s hit and nail’s him with a huge spear for the three count.

It was an unbeilable feeling being up on that second rope with people cheering my name, a moment which will stay with me forever. Id been close to titles in boxing but now id actually won one.

Here I am not nine month’s into the game and Iv got my first title, some people might say It’s to early, some might say I aint good enough, but one thing they cant say is I havnt earned it. Iv had over 35 apearences in the ring in the last 9 month’s. Nearly every match has been a good one. A certain person we all know who he is(Mr Ravenhill, see im not one to keep you guessing) went on the ukff forum this week after id left a comment about him, He more or less said certain people only get matches because they are friend’s with the promoter, Now a few month’s ago perhaps I wouldn’t have argued with you but that just a load of bollock’s now, like I said iv earned that title and I cant wait to defend  it against anybody in any match..

Got up the following day after winning the title and felt like shit, the flu had came on me over night, went to the doctor’s today and I have an inflamed chest infection, every ache from satarday is 5 times worst and I just feel like shit, but on a good note im off to barry island tonight to meet ash and put some poster’s up.

Going back to the discussion on the ukff forum again, after banning him and his company’s name from the celtic website he made his way over to the ukff and advertised there.

It’s nice to see the Cw Booker actually firing back, let’s be fair the bloke goes to our 2 main venue’s in Cardiff and pinches them, he then pinches a guy who we were bringing in to do training, but this is ok has he will tell you he’s a business man and it’s nothing personal, what a complete load of crap.

Anyway I cant even be bothered mentioning anymore on the subject has people will just think im shit stirring again, and now im a champion I have to act civil, yeah right fucking oh haha

Gutted im missing an ireland trip with caiman, my mates stag party the same weekend, anyway good luck croc, iv no doubt it will be the wrestling channel for you soon

Next show’s Barry, Im looking forward to tagging with Sugar against that big mouth Johnny James, he say’s he cant wait for Barry, God help him.

Might pop over the night before to Chris Robert’s show has well has that’s looking an amazing show. Anyway until next time, have a good one, Bassey


Commentry 5   June 6th 2006


Another show in Canton on a Friday night, what a difference to two week’s earlier in Caerphilly. Every seat was sat on and the crowd were wicked. It was my first encounter with the sick one Nick Beretta. Good atmosphere in the locker room yet again. due to work commitment’s I was going on first. Most of the crowd must have remembered me from my last performance at this venue has I had a good ovation upon entering. I grabbed beretta so hard at the beginning of the match and threw him out of the ring, I thought he wasn’t going to get back in. Beretta used his weight and speed advantage and got me down and started to shoot on me, at one stage I thought id popped my arm after he put me in an arm lock, iv used this move in ju- jitzu and by fuck does it hurt. I finally managed to get a few moves in before Beretta rolled me up for a quick pin. I was fucking gutted, I went to the back area grabbed my kit and fucked off back to work. I felt like id let the crowd down who were expecting me to destroy the smaller Beretta after the performance id put in against the system at this venue a few month’s earlier.

I was gutted I missed the rest of the show, a fucking steamer what iv been told. I then drove home still pissing sweat and tamping. Had a close shave on the way home, nearly lost control of the car in the rain, still thinking about my match.

The following day it was then up to Redditch for another RSW Show. A nice little venue with an high ceiling for a change. I then get told by the promoter that because a few wrestler’s hadn’t turned up I was now opening the show in a one on one encounter against Double Jeopardy team captain Ricky Hype.

Id wrestled Hype twice in the past and was looking forward to this encounter. Come show time and no one’s turned up, people then start talking about calling the show off ect. I thought we have all travelled up here to do fuck all, eventually the place filled up a little and the crowd were fucking nut’s..

Me and Hype went at each other from the bell, the match went back and fourth. I then got caught with a clothesline to the adam’s apple. I actually couldnt get a breath for a few second’s and was rowling around on the floor. Hype then went for an hurricanara and I turned it into a batista bomb, I then went for a spear and hype leap froged over me. Then with a little bit of help from my little brother sweet sugar I rolled Hype up from behind for a three count, Hype nearly kicked out but with twenty stone coming down on you it was going to be hard. Me and Sugar then put a few boot’s in before Hype’s team mate Beretta made the save.

Later on in the show the Bassey’s had RSW’s debuting tag team Double Jeopardy.

Yet again me and Hype kicked thing’s off. Hype used his experience to more or less play with me. I then run at Hype and he pulled the rope down and I went flying over the top. Sugar came to my aid and Hype done a suicide dive over the top rope onto us. Got back in and Beretta started beating on me for the second night in a row, managed to pull it back and me and Sugar beat on him. The match went back and fourth until, beretta even managed to do a flair bump onto the ring post and then caught Sugar with a dropkick off it. I then got caught with a big clothesline from Hype, a few moves later he managed to hit me with his swanton bomb off the top rope for a three count. Double Jeopardy had picked up the first win in the tag encounter, no exscuses the better men won on the day.

Leg started playing up but nothing major, wacked some inflamatorys down me and it went a way.

Come the day of the Corrino show and I was buzzing, had a phone call in the morning saying could I pick him up from Cardiff. Packed my bag early and the day just dragged and dragged. Went down the venue early and helped the ring crew put the barrier’s and ring up. Then drove down for Corrino with another member of the CW roster. Picked Corrino up with his son Coby and we headed back to Merthyr. Had a nice chat with Corrino in the car whilst trying not to mark out. Got to the venue and the ring was nearly done, as no one had arrived yet me and a few of the roster actually had some ring time. It was like a nice little training session, I started practising moves id seen on the TV and I was pulling them off. A few of the lads gave me confidence and told me to go for it in my match that night.. It was nice to actually chill out before a match.

We then get told our match in the night is now a four on four encounter against the System. Now these matches are hard to pull as there’s so many of you.

Come 7 o clock in the night and I pass the doors on the way to the toilet, no ones there, this now hit’s me hard, all the fucking hard work gone into promoting it and no one’s turned up, I felt bad for Caiman and also for Corrino. I goes back to the changing room depressed, Come 7.45 and there’s over an hundred people in there, the smile’s back on my face and the crowd were getting rowdier. We knew it was shit or bust with our regulars being in a punk festival but we had pulled in a wicked little crowd and the night started. We were going on third after the Mad Dog Max-Marcus kool match, has Mad Dog and Kool are in the ring Some fucking piss head thinks he can take both wrestler’s out at once, Spam’s on him and he’s ejected from the building, being there were no doormen on Spam had to go back to the ring. Spam comes and tell’s me what’s happened first in the changing room. Has he’s explaining to me this dickhead comes running back into the venue, I just see’s red grab’s him by the throat and rams his head through the door, he tries throwing a punch, so I puts a choke on him and throws him down about 5 step’s onto the concrete floor, I goes back in and say’s to spam he wont be back haha.

I m back in the changing room with minutes to go before im on, my head’s in bit’s, managed to calm down befores Pantera’s Walk then start’s blasting and me and Sugar hit the ring like lunatic’s.

The match was just nuts, a big brawl to start it, Beretta then get’s injured and is taken to the back, Pethers kick’s it off for us but within minutes he comes back with a torn bicep, the bloke couldn’t lift his arm up but with adrenaline kicking in he’d stayed with us until the end. Me and Tyler went at it, Tyler caught me with an hurricanana off the second rope, he wasn’t so lucky the next time as I turned it into a batista bomb. I then went for one of my new moves, I jumped up onto the second rope and turned it into a elbow drop, I thought id killed Tyler has I came down hard on him, but he’s an hard old fucker and came back on Sugar. Strained all my shoulder facing Tyler Me and Petherwick both hurt has the system beat on Sugar. Managed to get back in near the end and tried some of the moves id pinched from the Samoan Joe best of dvd haha a big brawl then started outside the ring, I remember fighting Recall and the next thing I know was Tommy Dean diving off the top rope onto all of us, after the holy shit chants had stopped I could hear the system’s music playing and petherwick lying in the ring. Another brawl erupted again, managed to spear Tommy Dean and Tyler on the outside, by now I could hardly stand.

The system legged it out of there and me, Sugar and Petherwick made our way to the back, we had pulled off a nice little match which even Corrino who was watching said was good.

20 minutes later and the sweat was still pumping out of me, got changed and went and watched Caiman and Corrino. I wont go into detail on this one has I suppose Caiman will but fuck me, what a match. Caiman and Coriino went around the hall fighting, smashing the fuck into each other, I even jumped in with the security boys at one stage to get people back, the fan’s loved it and the end was wicked. Corrino putting that Belt on Caiman put hair’s on the back of my neck. Caiman proved he can hang it with anyone in the UK. Corrino proved he was a true gentleman after the show and posed for photos with many of the CW roster. All in all a fucking wicked night which im proud to have been a part of.

One thing iv got to mention is the ring, do most of the wresters realise it doesn’t go up or down itself. I’m sure some wrestler’s are allergic to it. The other day we were on a time limit and a lot of people helped out and we got the ring put away in minutes.

Then it’s back to normal for Mayhem. There was no excuses for this one, it was an afternoon show. If people got to leave straight away to travel then that’s fair enough but when you got certain wrestler’s just standing about and having a laugh when us other’s are sweating our ball’s off then it’s just pathetic, they must think because they have been doing it longer than other’s then that’s alright then, to me that’s just a load of shit. I wont name name’s as they know who they are. If the two champion’s of CW can help put the ring away then im sure everybody on the roster can help out to.

Come the Corrino show and the same shit again, show’s over and there’s no fucker left to put the ring away yet again, it takes about four of us over an hour and half flat out, even a still blood drenched Caiman gives us an hand. Then there’s the barrier’s to finish up with as well, wrestlers just fucking sitting there when your passing them over and over with stuff, but like I said they have paid their dues, yeah fucking right.

Next up was CW’s Free for all in the local town, fuck me was this an hard day. Picking wrestler’s up at 7.30 to load the ring up and then getting it down to the place and then unloading and setting up all before 10 o clock.

The sun was fucking boiling and my t shirt was soaking before I even changed for my match. Match went well, nice little crowd, and I picked a win up against Johnny the Body who was almost undefeated since entering CW. At one stage Body went out of the ring and started doing headlocks on ballon’s(that’s right ballons) the bloke is fucking off it, how I kept a straight face I don’t know, managed to roll him up for a quick three count.

The sun was now starting to take it out of all the boy’s, drinks were flying down, trying not to dehydrate, big thanks to Anne Marie for the drinks.

Back out for  match 2 a while later, my second encounter with Tyler Browne jn the matter of months, another fast paced match which the crowd seemed to love, both of us pulled off some big moves, he hit me with an huricanana, I speared him, power bombed him, he finally hit me with his finisher for the three count and run out of the ring.

By now the ring apron was on fire and the sun was just getting warmer and warmer. I went to the back area and found a little bit of shade, put a t shirt over my head and waited for the rumbe, next thing I know iv got to help with the ring, 10 minutes inder the fucker trying to fix it, finally got it done and went to the back. It was now time for the rumble. Came out about tenth and had a good old smash up in there, threw recall over the ropes to leave me Tyler and Tommy Dean in there, Tyler hit me with his finisher and him and Dean started celebrating, Tyler then threw Dean out, I then hit Tyler with a spear before throwing him out to win my first rumble.

By now I was fucked and just kept sweating for about an hour. Drunk 5 pints of coke in an hour and then we had to put the ring into the van. Another hard slog, I jumped in the back of the van and just lied there fucked, got up the studio bar and off we go again, we finally got it away after another hard slog, well done to all who helped, they know they who they are.

Got home showered and then off to work in the nightclub, was hoping for a night on the door of the club. Instead my boss says he needs me up stairs with some band who had been number 1 in the charts recently. The club was buzzing and we had an huge fight minutes before they turned up. Put a few away before this big fat fucker run at me(if I can call someone fat then you can imagine how big he is haha) I wont go into detail how I finally done him but it was an hard one. Yanked both my arms out choking him out.

Back down the studio bar the following day for an FWA training session, got the ring up after a bit and Caiman took the first seminar, learned the international and a few other new trick’s, had  a cracking session off Dan and really enjoyed it. Put a 6 minute match together with Yogi, it was a nice little match but I yanked my arm in the joint again, Finally got the ring away by 6 o clock and it was nearly time to go back to work again.

Went training the following night, good session and a lot of new traines’s, was in pain all through the session and finally pulled out with 20 mins to go.

A big thanks to referee ash for coming up with my new nickname of One Man Riot, it looks like its sticking well.

Also a big well done to Chris Robert’s PPW poster invasion of Merthyr, your welcome to join our poster team when ever your ready, just give me the call, be good to get you on board as well.

Next match this Satarday, the Bassey’s vs the System, really looking forward to this match, and then back to the studio bar on the 24th, anyway hope you have enjoyed the read, until next time.


Commentry 4        9th May 2006   Hi and welcome to my new commentary.


I was going to come on here today and get a few thing’s off my chest, but then most people would say im only trying to be controversial.

I could have mentioned Flawless ones, Ravenhill, back stabbing, ect but nah fuck it, I think ill talk about wrestling for a change.

Anyay here’s where I left off last time………….


With my third encounter lined up with Recall in England, I then get a phone call saying Im now facing Matt Vaughn instead has Recall couldn’t make the show.

Only a few month’s earlier I was saying on a thread about Vaughn after he had become the CW champion that one day I would like to face him.

As normal I was the heel yet again in England. Vaughn was restricted to all his high flying which suited me down to the ground because of the height of the ceiling. This didn’t stop Vaughn doing a suicide dive to the outside onto the top of me. The match went back and fourth, one stage Vaughn booted me in the face, I don’t know how close I was to being knocked out but I seen the silver light and I dropped to my knee’s, my nose was bleeding and my eyes were watering, I carried on and nailed him with the spear and used the ropes to get a three count, OK I cheated but a wins a win.

I wasn’t so lucky the following week yet again up in England on the RSW show.

I was in tag team action with my little brother Sweet Sugar against Vaughn and my trainer Caiman. Although we lost the bout it was a cracking little tag match.

Vaughn caught me early with a dropkick to the mid section, I rolled to the outside without a breath waiting for it to come back, Vaughn then attempted another suicide dive off the back off Caimans shoulders right onto me and Sugar. Me and Sugar then managed to put a bit of a fight up and we took it to both men. With the help of our manager for the night Johnny James I even managed to spear Caiman. At the end of the bout Caiman managed to get me into the CDD, now im 20 stone and Caiman picked me up like I was a little kid. Now I know a lot of people have seen the CDD, and not a lot of people have been in one, the only way I can explain it is like a rollercoaster ride, you don’t know where you are and your just waiting for it to finish, fucking awesome move.

It was good to see WWE over here again this month, had a cracking day down in Cardiff with some of the CW team. Even managed to get my daughter’s photo taken with Chris Masters and Victoria. Also me and another member of the CW team done some celebrity stalking in some woman’s clothes shop and managed to have our photo taken with Candice Michelle, the other member was feeling faint and I had to hold him up at the though of talking to Candice. Candice was really down to earth and posed for photo’s.

Iv been pretty good on the gout front this month, its nice to be gout free on the day of a match, and that’s what I was going into my first one on one encounter with Mad Dog Max. Now my CW day is different to everyone else’s. People turn up for matches and they think that’s it. At 11 o clock me and Caiman turn up and meet the bloke to get the barrier’s into the venue. At 2 o clock we are back down the venue setting the barrier’s up for the show, then it’s time to get the ring up, all this by 3.30, its then time to shoot down to the airport and pick up the big irish man Sheamus O Shaunesy. By the time we get back its almost time to get ready to change. No time to chill out or anything.

This was going to be my testing match. Everyone was wishing me good luck going into the match, I felt pretty confident going into it, the crowd was the rowdiest crowd we have had in the studio bar. Id done a run in a bit earlier in the evening to help Sugar out so I knew what they were like. Mad Dog went out there and played fucking hell with them.

My music then hit’s and as soon as I hit that ramp I go off it, the crowd go fucking nut’s, I couldn’t believe all the hands sticking out, I was so wound up I done 2 laps of the ring.

My target for the night was to do a full match in the ring and keep the crowd into it. Nearly every match Iv had in the Studio Bar Iv taken into the crowd for 2 reason’s. Iv not got the most moves in the ring yet, although outside im a pretty good brawler, I can fight outside all day chucking people over barriers and jumping off thing’s and secondly the crowd fucking love it if you go into them, the Merthyr crowd are like an ECW crowd and like to get involved. But id had a bit of a warning off the promoter for my last match there, I explained my reasons to him and he asked me to try and keep it in the ring.

Anyway the match started and Mad Dog started doing all these moves on me, he was spinning round me and I just didn’t know where he was going to end up next. I finally managed to get some offence in and started doing some big power moves. I then started doing moves Id only practised in training, Id never been confident enough in the ring to try them on anyone. Anyway they were all working well, fallaway slam, sidewalk slam, back drop, things were starting to come together. The match went back and fourth and I managed to hit Mad dog with the spear, I hadn’t hit him right with it but I had landed it, Mad dog then hit me with a DDT( biting my toungue again haha) Mr P then get’s involved at one stage and tries strangling me. Mad Dog finally hit’s me with his finisher for a three count. After the match everyone was congratulating me and I was happy that id pulled off a ten minute match in the ring without loosing the crowd at all.

A very good overall show, everyone upped their game, Frankie Sharp took Bird to the limits as well

Also congratulations to the new CW Interactive champion Caiman. The following day after picking up the title I turned up at his house to take Sheamus back to the airport. Caiman also walked out of his house with his belt hung over his shoulder. Caiman hasn’t parted with this belt since and his even rumoured to take it to bed with him. I can see a lot of people gunning for this title, Iv stated in past commentry’s that my target by next year his to wear that strap. I was also on hand to witness Caiman’s first defense of the title up in England against Kade Callous, and what a scrap it was, you don’t see many matches like that, both men must have been aching for day.

Going back to the England show. What a mad old day that was. An outdoor show with the ring put up in a field. You had to walk from the club, through the crowds into the ring. Our first match of the day the Bassey’s were tagged up with Hype who was making his RSW debut against Caiman, Recall and UCW wrestler All Star.

Now me and Hype are used to beating the shit out of each other but for today we put our differences aside and pulled off a win. The match went back and fourth until Sugar clothes lined Caiman and All star over the top rope. I then managed to spear Recall before putting him into a running power slam for the three count. All Star then hit the ring and hit me and Sugar with a bat to clear house.

In our next match on the same show The Bassey’s were now tagged up with American Buddy Edward’s in a three on two handicap against the tag team known has Red Heat(Chris Recall and Kade Callous) Recall managed to do a cross body onto us on the outside, then whilst I was getting up I could see a 19 stone Kade Callous come diving over the top rope onto us. The match went back and fourth and I even managed to hit Recall with a Batistabomb. M e and Sugar then got hit to the outside and Edward’s ended up getting pinned. Edward’s then started pushing me and Sugar for the loss. WE then grabbed him and gave him a double chokeslam, the only thing is he came down hard on his head, I was looking at him and he wasn’t moving, after a few seconds he started moving so I gave him a leg drop for good luck.

In the final bout of the day, Recall managed to get some revenge and threw me out of the over the top rope Battle Royale. All in all a good day, cant wait for the next outdoor show.

Under a week later it was off to Caerphilly for a Friday night show. The UK Freebird’s had promised me and Suagar another show at their tag team titles. With a piss poor turn out we still managed to have a nice little match with them. Mr P dragging me out of a ring  when I had a spear lined up on Mad Dog Max.. Both Freebird’s then pinned Sugar for the win. Managed to get hold of Mr P this time though and Sugar gave him a pimp slap and I put him into a sidewalk slam. Even though we lost yet again we are picking up experience all a time. After watching and facing the Freebird’s we are now starting to act like a tag team and now with Sugar in training as well, before long we will be unstoppable.

Also a big well done to Nafetts and the two dans on their little in ring debut. I went up in the bar on my own to watch this match before leaving for work. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when Nafberg’s music hit..Awesome

Another cracking little day time show at the studio bar, the kids were bonkers and right into it. Mad dog max went out first and played hell with the kids. I came out and the kids went crazy, they were well into the match and loud as fuck. The match went well and I loved it, I fucked a few moves up along the way but we all learn from our mistakes. We still pulled a good match off and Mad dog got the pin. Also done a run in later in the show and me and Sugar puilled off a double spear on the Freebirds.

N ice brawl at the end as well to finish off another mad Celtic day. It was nice to see PPW promoter and wrester Mr Starr in the crowd enjoying himself as well.

Overall an excellent day for CW, a good show and a good atmosphere in the locker room.

Also popped over to Rymney to see Chris Robert’s SWCW debut.

A nice little crowd and a very good show. Ill be honest with you I felt a little aqward turning up has I was like the only person from CW who wasn’t on the show. But in the end im glad I made it and just sat back and watched everybody do their stuff for a change. The 6 man tag match was outstanding and it was good to see te crazy man Pethers back in the ring, Every match was enjoyable and look forward to the next show.

As I always lend my camera to the filming guys, I always make sure after every event that I have a copy of the whole show. Its nice to have a nice litltle collection of every event in the house. It’s also handy to see what everyone’s up to, when your in the back area you don’t see what’s going on until you watch the video’s. The promo’s the System and Johnny James are coming out with are outstanding. This Petherwick feud is top quality and is shaping up nicely. Its good to see JJ using the Studio Bar big screen to its limits. JJ just seem’s to get better every show on the mic.

The next few week’s should be a blast, rematch with Mad Dog Match this Satarday, that should be a cracker, also just found out that double Jeopardy are to debut in RSW and they have The Bassey’s in their debut match on the 20th.

I hope to get on the Canton show on the 19th and then its Corrino in Merthyr.

Anyway until next time……


Commentry 3     April 5th 2006


Welcome again to my new commentary, ill carry on where I left iff last night.


With three days to go for my match against Tyler my knee started seizing up yet again. Id been doing a bit of digging in my daughters school and this brought the gout on yet again.

Come Thursday morning I see’s sugar and he was in a bad way with flu and a chest infection, he then asks me could I ring caiman and tell him that he wouldn’t be able to wrestle on sat, at this stage I can hardly walk yet again, I didn’t have the heart to tell caiman I might be pulling as well. I don’t want to sound some sort of a hero and im not looking for any sympathy all a time but come match day and the gout had fucked off for a while again. Got up early in the morning and me and the crazy croc took a ride down to Cardiff airport to pick up the other crazy man Manson. Had another rollercoaster of a trip back to Merthyr in the car, Manson had this look in his eyes like he was enjoying it lol.

Took Manson  for some brekkie and then off we went to the local industrial store to see what goodies they had to offer. Some of the stuff him and Caiman and myself came out with was laughable, there was even talks about a lawnmower match. Manson was getting a little upset that he couldn’t find any thumb tacks, I tried talking him into buying some one inch nails, he just looked at me as if I was the madman. He later found his tacks and he was happy.

The night came really quickly and for some reason I was getting really nervous. I looked out the door and we had a nice little crowd there which was picking up. Like I said I was going up against Tyler Browne who had just come off an excellent match with Jorge Costano. How was I supposed to follow that match up, people were still talking about it.

Up until now me and Tyler had never really met in the ring, he’d speared me twice in the few previous weeks but that was about it..

But this was my hometown and the crowd were buzzing. Don’t get me wrong home town or not, wherever I am I will give my all, but in Merthyr everyone knows me and just want me to mangle people.

Tyler also had Recall with him on the outside so that just made this match even better.

Early on in the match Tyler went for a DDT, a couple of weeks earlier Recall had hit me with one in England and I bit my toungue bad, anyway I fucked up bad on this one again, Tyler had spun round my back and I should have gone down head first but for some reason I pulled back, tore my chest muscle and nearly bit my toungue off, my misses who was front row thought I was having an heart attack, I was clenching my chest whilst blood was coming out of my mouth all over he canvas, I know my toungue was cut bad. It was an horrible situation and I was honestly going to just fall out of the ring and get the fuck out of there, But before I know it Tylers beating on me, Thnak god for adrenaline,a magic tool. Anyway I pulled the match back and we took it to the outside.

The next couple of minutes was just bonkers, Tyler was somersaulting everywhere, I threw recall over a barrier straight into the crowd, the crowd went nuts, Tyler nailed us a few times with big leaps. Recall then goes and DDT’s be onto the hard floor, no word of a lie, iv gone and bit my toungue again Finally got back into the ring, by now id been beat by both men, I was absolutely fucked. I looked at Tyler and he wasn’t far off the same, but he had a little more in the tank than me, he caught me with a wicked spear and then finished me with a frog splash for the three count.

I went to the back and people in the crowd were shaking my hand, I was in a bad way but knew in the back of my mind we had pulled a little classic off.

Twenty minutes later and there was still blood coming from my toungue. Still managed to do a run in at the end of the night to save the mad irish man. It was worth it alone just to see Caiman sitting on his back in the old Steiner brothers position, with them pairs eyes they have to be a future tag team for CW, another cracking night for CW.

Went up the Birmingham NEC the following day and met up with Mick Foley again. Had a nice little chat with him and had some photos done. Im about twenty stone  but feel tiny standing next to him, The bloke is absolutely huge and looks small on the tv compared to the other bigger wrestlers.

On the way back my toungue was hurting, looked in the mirror and then I noticed I had about 4 different cuts and a big hole in it, it didn’t look a very nice site. So the next few days I was on a soup diet, now this was hard work haha.

Just has my tougue was getting back to normal, it was off up to Cheltenham for another RSW Show, this time me and Sugar tagging up has a pair of heels. We went out there and we played hell, we gave Kade Caloous and Chris Recall an hell of a match.. Id only locked up with Kade in a few rumbles and it was nice to see what the big man had to offer, The kid is only 19 years of age and is gifted, he threw me over his shoulder like I was a little kid., after the match although we had lost I really feel like a tag team had been born, we worked well together and Sugar was so relaxed. By the time I got home, it was time to go to bed to get up for the next day’s show, and who was we facing but none other than the UK Freebird’s, and not only that their brand new tiles from America were on the line. Just showed how much Caiman had taught  us, within 6 month’s there’s me and my little brother(I still call him that haha)  in our hometown facing these tag champs for their belt’s. Id studied these pair for the past few month’s and looked up to them. Anyway we gave them a good match and the crowd loved it. We lost for the second time but learned so much from it. Look forward to locking horns with them again in the future.

It’s also great to be back in training every Monday night with Caiman, he’s got a nice little class coming there and everybody’s flat out for the 2 hours. If I can get Sugar there now so we can try some stuff then within the next 6 month’s we’ll be a tag team to be reckoned with, but until he can shake that chest infection im on my own.

Nice to see the Celtic lads doing well up in London. This is good for Celtic Wrestling. I don’t know about the name team Wales though. Although I don’t look at Hype as an English man. Anyway the next few months should be interesting for these guy’s.

Also a lot happening behind the scenes with new people being brought in to help out with the booking. Hopefully this will finally put a rest to the Merthyr clix shit..And yes this is still going on as well as a lot of shit stiring, who’s doing it I don’t know but it will all come out in the wash. To be told by some wrester that iv got a problem with him when I havn’t makes you think what the fuck’s going on.

So hopefully there wont be any more, ‘he’s only matched because he’s mates with Caiman’. If for some reason I don’t get booked on a show, well ill just have to except that. Celtic Wrestling’s roster is getting bigger by the day and these things happen, it will just make myself work harder in my next bout to impress the booker’s.

Noticed Edd Ferris and The Freebird’s are back in PPW, all I can say is has the saying goes is Never Say Never, anyway I wish the lads all the best.

Looking forward to Chris Robert’s first show on April 27th. Even though it look’s like a Celtic show it will be nice to just sit back and watch the boy’s in action. Then two days later back to the studio bar for the

Anyway this weekend no wrestling, back up to England the following week for another match with the crazy man Recall. A day show as well.. Also we have the wwe over here this month, that’s always a crazy few days.

Until next time


Commentry 2 March 15th 2006


Welcome to this week’s brand new commentary, Ill continue where I left off going into The IT title match at Mental Breakdown.

Anyway the day of the match came and I banged myself up with a load of pain killers and inflamatorys. Didn’t help out with the ring has much as normal as the ring crew had turned up early and had it up already for us. Tried running the ropes and my knee was in pain, this was really getting me down, but I wasn’t pulling out.

I then strapped my knee up with two supports, I could hardly bend my knee and by now the tabs had kicked in and I was starting to sweat like a nutter.

Anyway my time had come to enter the ring, now when my music blasts I usually loose it and run fast to the ring, this time  I walked, not many knew I couldn’t run.

To cut it short I did my best, Hype pulled a good little match out of me which im gratefull for, I gave my all and even managed to get him with a spear, Beretta then run in before I could get a pin after power slamming him. I then gave my all yet again against Bolt and nearly had the pin, outside I was then set upon by the system and hit with certain objects, the rest his a bit of a blur, at one stage I was standing but my legs had gone dead. I thought Bolt had broken my jaw at one stage and my ribs were in a bad way. It was an horrible feeling looking up at that studio bar roof all dazed. I literally crawled to the back area whilst the system and bolt celebrated in the ring. Although I was badly hurt sitting in the back area I was still a bit happy I had completed in the match and hadn’t pulled out.

The next day I could hardly walk but just had to concentrate now on next weeks match.

Had an hard old month on the door with the rugby internationals. .People just go nuts on this day, With the aches and pains from wresting the night before it just seems to get harder. I now look at door work like wrestling, you put your gear on, lace up the boots, have a stretch  an then just wait around all night for a fight. Did have a bad fight the other night with some roider. By the time I had got there he had  bitten one of our doormen and was going nuts. Anyway to cut it short he was a bit of an animal and I had to put him away. A few days later and I hear he’s taking me on had he had a broken jaw, cheekbone and nose, now I don’t know if anyone’s been on with the police but its not a very nice feeling, I had this hanging on me for a weeks and it really gets you down.

I continued to work and then one of my mates caught up with him and he said it was all rumours, he was a doorman himself and he knew the score.

Around this time my brand new book Guvnor Through the eyes of others came out(cheap plug) in all good book shops, it had taken me 2 years to do and it was nice to see it on the shelfs.

Had my fair share of injurys this past month. I suffer from gout, an horrible bastard thing that just comes on when it feels like. You can have it on a Wednesday and its gone by satarday. One little pull or knock brings it on, I cant even run anymore as it comes straight on in my toes, it’s a nightmare, but so far, touch wood Iv done every CW show.

After satardays Ulimate Chaous show I took my boot off and my foot just seized up. Within an hour I was having trouble walking on it. Took a pile of inflammatory tabs and I was back to normal to go to work in the night. The following day I got up and I didn’t hardly have an ache. My knee’s were great and my foot. Was normal.

Going back to Chaous I had the chance to team with my brother. The match went well even though we lost. We pulled off some nice moves and look forward to training to keep working on new stuff. With double Jeopardy being the only tag team in CW, it will be good if we can get up to a standard where we can give them a good match. Sugars been a bit down lately and Iv kept at him, both of us need to hit a gym and work on our cardio.

But in that tag match sugar came alive, he looked much better than his previous performance. Also had a good crack in the rumble and lasted over 15mins in there.

Nice to see SPAM in CW. His first job was an hard one with all mental little bastards from the Gurnos, SPAM didn’t half sweat that afternoon. Looking forward to training with the big man and seeing what he can do.

Also id like to mention Firework, another of the CW family. Everyone looks at the CW cameramen as being Donald and Cuthbert but Fireworks always there with his camera getting that rare footage. Keep up the good work.

Last time I Mentioned rumours id heard about Edd Ferris. Anyway they turned out to be true. Edd Ferris left CW and Caiman left the door open for him to return. Iv heard recently that he’s not happy with certain people for going behind his back, by the sound of it he has a side to his story to tell as well.

As for Cobra well what can you say, I accused him of being a fake accounter and I still stick to that. Id like to see him back in CW one day but then that’s totally up to him. Iv spent a lot of time talking to Matt over the past few months and he’s a good kid. Going by his posts he obviously thinks Bolts got it in for him bad. Read Bolt’s commentary Matt. Bolt does go off it sometimes but then who wouldn’t when you said them things. Noticed the outsider hasn’t been on since all this has happened. So if your reading this which I know you are, pick up the phone, ring the ego maniac and kiss and make up. I want to see a Bolt Vs Cobra match Hardcore Rules within the next three months. Anyway its up to you now mate.

Really enjoyed this past Satarday’s events. It was good sharing a locker room with so much talent. And for once I went into a match without an ache, Iv dropped a bit of weight and felt a lot more agile in there(I now only look 4 months pregnant instead of 7 haha) a nice little crowd who were really into it. Tried a few new moves, I’m on about seven now lol. I was really worried for Bolt I came down heavy and knew he was hurt, I didn’t think he would have made the rumble, but hes a fighter, and hardcore all the way.

People will now say how do we top that show, it will be hard(not for me has I only had a 5min match)  but Caiman’s got a lot of card’s up his sleeve and believe me it will be topped over and over again, ill leave it at that on the subject.

Looking forward to starting training again next week, haven’t trained for 2months has iv been in so much pain the following day after wrestling. Might even get myself down to Edd’s training session as well.

Lets get this Merthyr clix shit out of the way yet again. I did put a big write up in the backstage area for people to see but by the look of it no one believed it. Rumours get back to me that people are not happy and that people are being brainwashed by certain individuals into believing that us Merthyr lads are getting a push. Just for the record, go and have a look at my win/loss record on my site, does that look like im getting a push.

The reason we may be on all the shows is because we are hungry, we want it, obvisouly with the roster expanding Iv even told Caiman Im willing to be dropped from shows, don’t get me wrong I would be gutted as I have done every show so far.

And another thing I wish people will stop talking in rhymes, is this a wrestling thing where people just keep you guessing lol they know who they are, shit, iv just done it now haha, fuck it , if youv got something to say then name them, it helps everyone in the long run, or even pm them, I read stuff sometimes and think are they on about me ect.

Right lets wrap this up with a few little things.

Petherwick you crazy bastard, hope your feeling better, iv had that injury, iron bars on mine though, it heals real fast mate, the heads an hard old thing.

Congratulations to Mr Roberts on his new organisation, im still waiting for my PPW T Shirt, good luck, hes got a good head and I think it will take off.(I might start a Koolers Nightclub Championship Wrestling) Pm me for details haha that was a joke

Well done to Mr Ravenhill, that was a good gesture of you last sat.

Got some good matches lined up for the next few weeks, Tyler Browne, cant wait for this one and im also tagging with sugar has the Basseys on March 31 against Recall and Kade and then the following day against The Freebirds., Its always a pleasure going in with Recall and its my first time in with big lad Kade,,cant wait., I hope Recall’s ready for the doomsday device haha

One last thing, I havnt drunk for 6 months and I heard theres a party at Caiman’s. God Help, Everyone welcome, bring a bottle, Im outta here….Bassey


Commentry 1 Feb 22 2006

Id like to welcome everyone to my new website and my first commentary.
Some people might say Iv only been in this game five minutes and he’s doing a website and commentary, perhaps its true, but you have got start somewhere and this is mine.
Iv also been accused this week of not being worthy of being in the Interactive title Gauntlet match this Saturday with the likes of Hype, Beretta and Bird. Ok these lads have been doing it years and Iv been doing it months. But for the last 5 month’s Iv busted my gut in matches and have worked through injuries week after week. As Im writing this my knee is still banged up pretty bad, I cant run at all and I cant jump up on the spot, but Im part of that match which will make history and I will crawl down to that ring Saturday if iv got to.
Where do I start on this first commentary, I could probably write a book on whats happened since I started with Caiman back in August. Talking about book’s, my Lenny Mclean book is out this Friday at all good book shops(cheap plug haha)
Anyway back to the main man himself Caiman, My earliest memorys of the crazy croc happened about 8 years earlier when I was on the door one night in a pub and he had kicked off in the pub. I wont go into detail but he was escorted from the pub head first. I then picks up my local paper about 2 years ago to read that he had become a wrestler, there he was with those crazy eyes and holding some belt. Around about a year ago Sugar was also in talks with Caiman about us starting wrestling. Bolt had been nagging me for years to start but we never got round to it.. It was then later in the day at my fathers funeral that me and sugar vouched we would start with Caiman and become wrestlers.
Months and months went by yet again and we just couldn’t get our heads around it. It was only Bolts persistent nagging that got us started. Bolt caught up with Caiman and he invited us to a private session, as the saying goes the rest is history.
I then started to get to know Caiman better by the day, the buzz I was getting from him was the same as I was getting from my boxing trainer ten years earlier. One night when I was on the door he then asked me and Dr Pain did we feel confident about doing a rumble, I couldn’t get over it and thought it was a rib.
Anyway that was the start of a long journey which has only just begun. I could go on about Caiman for days but you all know how generous, friendly, psychopathic the bloke is, he’s given me the chance to show what I can do and hopefully I will pay him back very soon.
Im going to try and give everyone a mention in this first commentary. Some people may take this has arse licking, but everyone who knows me really well will tell you  I don’t lick arse. Upon entering CW a lot of the roster gave me a warm welcome, some didn’t even shake my hand. I wont name names has they know who they are. I thought some were so far up their selves it was unbeilavable, Im glad to say that they proved me wrong.
Ill start with the workman, what this boy goes through and still manages to smile when he meets you in unbeilavable. His work rate lately has improved so much(ok, he nearly dropped me with the lowest dropkick ever in llanharen last week), my balls were blue for a week haha. But iv said it before his time will come.
Cobra has come on heaps and bounds, he has to decide though what image he’s staying with, it was nice to see him get his first win the other day after all the hard work hes been through.
Shaun Romans packed it in for a while, this is a big shame, a very talented kid who just seems to worry all a time. Once he gets past that stage I think he can be a top player and looks like a young AJ Styles in training.
Rianicies, Iv tangled with this big man and he hurts you which I like, iv also seen him in training recently and he has a lot of talent. If used right can be unstoppable, I predict that me and him can put on a match like no other when the time comes. Bassey vs Rianicies..Last man Standing for a title in future…The Merthyr Crowd would riot haha.
Tyler Browne, iv yet to work a match with
but am looking forward to it, bring back the Mexican I say, everyones missing him, amazing talent.
Thunderbolt, im not going to say anything about him as he knows hes a self obsessed ego maniac haha only joking mate.. the kids a natural, he breathes wrestling, he sleeps it, dreamt he was in wwe the other day and gave his mum a bollocking for waking him, he’l go all the way if he can just keep his mouth shut sometimes,  he needs to be more professional which we are working on, I predict big things for him.
Sharp, I train with Frankie and hes another wrestling fanatic, its nice seeing him chasing his dream as well, a very talented guy.
Mike Bird, another person I really havnt been in the ring with yet, so much class, hopefully ill pull one and he’ll pull two satarday. Then youll see him fly(only joking mate haha)
Johnny James(CW MD)  Don’t let his size fool you, Johnny loves the business and his mic skills just keep getting better and better, his frogsplash on me at whiplash was amazing, I wish i had a camera from where I was lieing, the height on that splash was mental and I thought id broken my ribs, iv watched him in traininng and witnesses his first rumble on video from last sat, he has the potential and heart to make it in the ring.
Someone has also mentioned on the RSW forum that they would like Bassey Vs James, who know’s perhaps James debut as a singles wrestler.
Beretta, didn’t know what to make of him at the start but have recently got to know him a bit better, defiantly twisted but loads of talent, looking forward to working with him
Sweet Sugar, its hard to believe Sugar was close to packing it all in,  he was finding it hard with his weight and breathing(asma sufferer) but we all kept at him. When Sugar enters iv never seen someone so confident, it was actually nice to wrestle him the other day and he hurt me with some of them moves, one of my best moments in CW so far was when he won that Rumble Boxing day in front of 350 people. That’s why when I pointed at the sky to my late dad I knew we had done what we had said we was going to do, it was a very emotional moment for me,  and he had really proved himself.
Petherwick, now im not scared by many people but theres something about peths, he scares me and I love his hair, Bassey used to have hair like that once, so every time I see him I get jealous, again if used right can be awesome, I seen him with bolt at the end of crowning and they looked the part.
Caiman, well everyone knows my opinion, the mans one of the best in wales if not the
and its only a matter of time before he dethrones the CW champion.
Vaughn, I thought he was a bit up him self when I first met him, I felt he didn’t really want to know us new lads. I was proven wrong and got to know him a little better and realised he was a nice kid who carries the CW title with respect. He will go all the way.
Manfredos, now these two lads live 8 miles from me but you done see them, both are very talented, why they no showed the other day I don’t know, Ace knew has I told him,, but hopefully we will see them back in a CW ring soon.
Hype, another natural, his mic work is amazing, his look and skills prove he’s nearly at the top, hopefully by the time I write my next commentary he will be PPW heavyweight champion.. Me and him have unfinished business in Merthyr after that last match and I look forward to working with him again, who knows perhaps it could be me and him at number 1 and 2 this sat.
Also a big thanks to the RSW boys, thanks for giving me the chance to wrestle around
. It was a pleasure becoming Mad Dog’s Bodyguard and helping him win that Heavyweight title. That moment when me and Johnny the Body had you on our shoulders with your music playing will stay with me forever. This is a start and I hope to learn a lot of these guys in the future. See you satarday lads.
And last but not least Mr Recall, ever since day one this blokes been there to shake my hand or congratulate me in a match. Not being able to see him most night has Im on the bill I always watch his matches when I get home on video. MY opinion and most will agree he’s probably the most talented wrestler in the UK.Heel or face has soon has he walks through that curtain he’s the star of that show.
So when I get a text off Karl asking me did I want to wrestle in
and against Recall I just laughed went back to bed and thought it was another Caiman classic rib.
I thought to myself Iv only been wrestling four months and Im going in with my favourite wrestler. At this time I still hadn’t really chatted with Recall and the match was getting nearer. The day of the fight was upon us and we then started to gell together. We went and did that match and I was hated by the English crowd, Id never been an heel before and Recall got the win. Now you think by losing you be unhappy but Id just been in the ring with Recall and we had a cracking little scrap. I was over the moon.
With all that said I predict big things for City Slicker Chris Recall
As for fake accounters this will go on as long as CW exists. There will always be a problem if one wrestlers pushed in front of another. I personally think its childish but then let them carry on, its their opinion.
Also met up with referee Chris Roberts last night and purchased a replica NWA belt off him. This was a complete turnabout has the week before I had threatened to break his legs. Anyway we had a nice little chat and he’s a really nice kid who I hope’s going to go all the way. I then received a phone call off Bolt saying that the belt Roberts had sold me, PPW was using it has their Welsh Title. Now my mind started working overtime, I thought to myself for a laugh ill wind Rav up, ill take a photo of me pissing on it or perhaps dropping it in a bin, you know stir up some controversy, anyway after a while I thought fucking hell boys have worked hard and fought some good bouts to earn that belt. I can be a bit of a bastard sometimes with the PPW subject but that would have been right fucking out of order,  Anyway my misses just got to make do with me walking round the house to Mean Streets in my pink shorts and black socks instead(only joking mate haha)
But mean’s we are on the subject of PPW, I might as well get all this off my chest.
Iv been accused of being CW co- owner by certain people, this is a complete load of shit, I probably do help out a lot more than anyone else but that’s just because I love the sport.
That’s why I always go off it when I see Ravenhill getting up to little tricks now and again. I know its basically got fuck all to do with me has it’s Karls organisation. Anyway Im not going to go into detail about the past, that’s done, hopefully we can all get along. Fuck me,
is a big place, Ok, crossed wires for the 11th March show but lets try and not put the boys in the situation they are in now again. Iv met Rav a few times and he seem’s alright, Iv spoken to him on the phone and he knows his shit. No doubt we’l have our arguments again in the future, but for now let’s support PPW and PPW support us. My good mate Bolt debuts in PPW very soon and I think we should all get behind him and support him. Lets knock all these arguments on the head and like Bolt says Lets just show everyone what Welsh Wrestling can do.
Congratulations to Matt Vaughn on his new title reign on Saturday night as PPW Welsh Champion. IV already expressed my opinion on this subject on the net but it has to be mentioned again. Matt’s already replied to the thread in his commentary and he does raise some good point’s, why shouldn’t he has an independent wrestler hold one or more titles, he’s not under contract,  and yes it will look good in the future when he looks to go further. Matt then say he agrees that if he’s got the title you should not miss a show.
.So that makes Matt the current PPW Welsh Champion and CW Heavyweight Champion.
So what’s next, recently I turned up for a bit of training with Mr Vaughn at a local leisure centre and there was his photo splattered all over the building for an up and coming PPW show in his hometown on March 11th.. Now being CW Heavyweight Champion Vaughn has a title defence of his CW Heavyweight belt that very Canton Cardiff. But now he also has the aqward responsibility of defending his PPW Title that night as well, as Ravenhill has stated on the ukff forum that Vaughn will be in Abercynon that night.
Anyway good luck to him, who knows he could defend both titles the same night,  I don’t know if its ever been done but Abercynon’s only about 25mins from
. We shall see.
As for Edd Ferris, well what can I say, there’s not much more you can say about the guy which aint already splattered about on the internet, but people will want me to say a little so I will. Iv met him a few times and in my opinion he’s a really nice bloke. The first time I ever met him he was more interested in his training session the next day than the match we had coming up. I wont go into detail but in that match he messed up, don’t get me wrong, he will tell you that himself. When leaving that night he then asked me to his training session the next day and he then said to me, ‘Don’t worry about tonight, we all mess up’ I thought to myself ‘you cheeky fucker, you’re the one that messed up’.I really thought Edd then came out of his shell at Christmas Cracker and was really down to earth. He continued to ask me to his training sessions which I hope I will make very soon.
Come Crowning the King and that’s where I think his downfall started, there was a bad atmosphere in that changing room that night which was completely out of the blue for CW. If that’s one thing we have got his a good locker room and it just wasn’t right that night. It wasn’t until a week later that I feel the King was finally crowned has Vaughn was carried around the ring in Merthyr and it just felt right that he was champ.
I not going to comment on Edd’s next tag match and his PPW appearance has its been talked about enough. As of writing this Iv just had a phone call regarding Edd Ferris, I hope these rumours aren’t true and I hope to work with him in the future.
I really think him and Caiman need to meet up and have a good chat and sort things out.
Just a few words about Mouthy Matt Somerton, my opinion one of the best mc men around today. I love the way he gets into it. But going  on another wrestling forum has a different name and slagging CW off was right out of order, like he says it was his opinion. Going back to the person who said that I was CW co-owner, this just proves that Iv got fuck all to do with it, because if I was, the phone would have been picked up and Mr Sommerton would no longer be in with a job at CW.
Also I cant finish this first commentary with out mentioning the ring crew(keep it up lads) the fear( outstanding job,)and the  ukww boys MR P and Blackjack. These boys are flat out for CW and after every show I make my way to these lads for their opinion. It’s knowing that these lads are happy gives me more confidence.
Also Ash the ref, I always like to get his review as well.
Also my number one fan must have a mention Wrestling mad 59, keep up the good work mate and get that t shirt on haha
Also one last mention to Mrs Bassey, I bet she thought id forgotten about her.
She’s pushed me so much with this wrestling, she knows how low Iv been this past 12 months and the smiles finally come back these past few months.
Anyway that’s me done, sorry if iv bored anyone, not much controversy today
but there’s always next time……keep

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